Style your denim shorts.
Put a blazer on!

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If you were thinking how to wear denim shorts without looking as a teenager, this article is for you! If you were thinking how to look elegant, but not too stiff, this article is for you too! The idea is that this is my favourite game of fashion: to combine pieces of different styles and make them look great. Therefore, this combo of denim shorts with blazer is definitely one of my all time fav mix.

Fashion tips about denim shorts

  • you don’t have to wear them really shorts! If you don’t feel confident with showing your legs, choose a pair of jeans and cut them until knee level. With a blazer on top, they will look as chic as shorts.
  • you don’t have to spend money in a new pair of shorts. Check your closet and I’m sure will find at least one pair of jeans that you know that you haven’t worn them for a long time. Take them, measure them and cut them!
  • keep it simple! Just a white t-shirt or shirt under that classic black blazer that you have in your closet it’s good enough!
  • where to wear this outfit? Casual moments as coffee with friends, shopping, cinema, even to the club, in the park. Almost anywhere except school or faculty (!) if those shorts are too short!

How to wear denim shorts

Take a look at these pretty girls and see how they are wearing the denim shorts with blazers.

Denim shorts + beige blazer + white blouse

two girls wearing denim shorts and beige blazer for summer outfits

Denim shorts +grey T-shirt + white blazer

beautiful girls wearing casual style in denim short pants with grey t-shirts and white blazer. perfect outfit for summer

beautiful girls wearing denim shorts and white blazer. Under the blazer they have t-shirts with animal print

Denim shorts + white tee + black blazer + high heels

two elegant girls wearing high heels, denim shorts, a simple white tee and a black blazer

Denim shorts + white shirt + dark blue blazer

two ladies wearing high heels, denim cut off, white shirts and blazer.

style advisor collection with two girls wearing denim short pants and elegant shirts for a casual look.

Colored Stripes under that elegant blazer

nice ladies wearing denim short pants with blazers and stripes blouses

Denim shorts + white t-shirt + red blazer

two girls wearing summer outfits in denim shorts and hot red blazer.

Denim shorts + stripes in black and white mix

two blond girls wearing denim short pants and blazers white and black. under the blazer they are having stripes t-shirts

Shorts + colored blazers + sporty shoes

models wearing sporty outfits with denim shorts, converse and colored blazers

Denim shorts + yellow blazer + smily face

two happy smiling girls wearing chic yellow blazer and denim short pants

Denim shorts + colored blazers and patterns

women in colored blazers and denim shorts. they are looking lovely wearing high heels

Hope all these outfits will inspire you. Leave a comment and tell me which one is your favorite!

Happy happy Joy joy!

All photos via Pinterest.

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