Birthday in Paris – part 1

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Finally, I can share with you photos from my birthday trip spent in Paris. I have to admit that before, I wasn’t aware that this is a big thing. I haven’t been to Paris before, so to be for the first time in the city of love and especially on my birthday it is really unique.

From Paris, with birthday wishes

The time in Paris was very beautiful, chic and romantic and in general without any problems. However, before leaving Valencia we had enough problems that scared me a bit since normally I’m very organized when it comes to traveling. To make the story short, we left the house a bit late; we run after the metro and one of my friends even got injured while running. Finally in the metro to the airport, I realize that we don’t have my camera: What?? “I’m not going to Paris without my camera photo!” So, we got out of the metro, took a taxi back home, took the camera and then by taxi to the airport. We arrived in perfect timing.

And since we were so tense in those moments, we went to Starbuck to relax for around 20 minutes the time until boarding. And guess what? I was queuing for my Chai Tea Latte when it was announced that our flight will have a 2 hours delay. Yea, imagine our joy? After running to the metro, back home, taking the taxi and so on… now the flight is delayed for hours. Well, thanks God with Starbucks, right?

Macaroon cake

Let me tell you the story of my birthday cake. As our flight was late, we arrived at the hotel with less than an hour before midnight. So, no time for preparing my special outfit for my birthday dinner; I put some lipstick on and refresh my blush and ran out of the hotel to celebrate it. We found a beautiful restaurant thanks to Foursquare (by the way: I love mobile apps). We were looking for a big and delicious dinner since we were starving from the flight delay but big sad surprise: the kitchen was already closed. So, this giant macaroon that you can see in the photos was my birthday cake (and my only dinner). Next to a very good glass of white wine, I celebrated my 29th birthday in a fresh French air full of love, gratefulness, happiness and joy.

I was about to forget my birthday gift from him. After the “minimal” French dinner, we went to the hotel where my present was waiting for me: a very elegant and classy Michael Kors handbag. Happy happy Joy joy at the max!

Happy Birthday

This was my story of the arrival to Paris. I have so many other photos that I would like to share with you, so I might write another post about what I saw, how I felt and my general impression about Paris and French people.

Enjoy my photos and if you have any questions about traveling there, just let me know!

a huge macaroon as a birthday cake in paris

girl with a birthday cake made of macaroon


beautiful woman is drinking coffee in Paris. She is wearing a Zara dress and she has a Michael Kors handbag

table with breakfast with croissant and coffee and orange juice in Paris

girl smiling and drinking coffee in Paris. She is wearing a floral dress and Michael Kors bag

woman drinking coffee in paris

girl having a Michael Kors black bag on her lap.

metro in paris

champ-de-elysees inparis

the building of louis vuitton in paris on champs de elysees


woman smiling in paris



gucci store in paris

girl in paris with a floral dress next to gucci store. she is having a Michael Kors bag

fashion blogger in paris in front of gucci store


style advisor in paris

woman smiling wearing sunglasses and behind her you can see eiffel tower

Outfit of that day:

I’m wearing a floral dress from a Spanish brand, Zara black blazer, green sandals bought last year from a market in Italy, Michael Kors handbag. I’m looking forward to showing how I wore this dress in 2 different other ways!

Hope you like the photos and don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

Happy happy Joy joy!


  1. Emma

    at 3:24 pm

    Happy birthday, sweetie! Paris is so cool!!

  2. Karmen

    at 8:37 pm

    I love Paris!!!

    • Style Advisor

      at 7:40 pm

      Yes, me too! So I have to schedule another escape there 🙂 Kiss!

  3. Kaye Bullock

    at 7:18 pm

    I’m now reading this. Despite the travel delay and no dinner, how lovely to spend it simply enjoying the moment!

    • Style Advisor

      at 7:39 pm

      Hello Kaye,
      Thanks for reading it. Yes, indeed! It is so easy but sometimes we forget to just enjoy the moment as it is.
      You reminded me that I have more photos and more thoughts to share about my trip to Paris.
      Sending you a big & warm hug!

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