Turquoise jewelry for the perfect boho style

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What’s trendy now? The boho chic style! And while being a hippie only doesn’t really require a lot of effort, looking like a cool one can be quite challenging, especially during the summer months.

Inspiration for boho style

Wear jewelry with touches of turquoise. See below for some beautiful photos to get inspired, and enjoy a collection of the best gypsy inspired jewelry that you can buy!

woman with long hair and many bracelets with turquoise as a gypsy


two hands with bracelets in turquoise for a hippie chic style

tanned woman with many earrings and bracelets in boho style

woman's neck with a boho turquoise necklace

two fotos with bracelets in boho chic style with turquoise

hand with many rings and bracelet with turquoise in boho chic style

two hands of a girl with white nail polish and turquoise jewelry

rings in boho style with silver and turquoise

many accessories in boho, hippie style

blonde girl in boho style with turquoise accessories for festival

hands in the sand with many accessories for a hippie boho style

girl with a cool bracelet and a trendy handbag

woman in a bra with many accessories in hippie style and turquoise

hands with many rings with turquoise in a hippie boho style

woman having a necklace with a turquoise stone in boho style


Bracelets in turquoise for a perfect summerbracelets in a boho or hippie style from different brands for selling

Click here to see the prices: 1. Delias; 2. Simplysoles;  3. Asos; 4. H&M;  5. HumbleChic; 6. Bershka.


Necklaces for a perfect boho style necklaces in boho and hippie style with turquoise for buying online

Click here to see the prices: : 1. Bershka,  2. Forever 21, 3. Heather Hawkins, 4. Mango.

Earrings for a beautiful boho lookturquoise-earrings shop online

Click here to see the prices:  1. Topshop; 2. Kenneth Jay Lane; 3.Miguel Ases4. Mango; 5. Forever 21; 6. Spanish & Sisters

Rings with touches of turquoise


Click here to see the prices: 1. Alexis Bittar Olmeca ring; 2. Alexis Bittar; 3. Bershka set of three, 4. Karen London Gypsy ring,  5. Samatha Wills Promising moments ring; 6.Topshop set.

And something special …

Michael Kors watch, blue nail polish from Essie, sunglasses from Spektre, and a blue cocktail


Click here to see the prices: 1. Michael Kors watch, 2.Essie,  3. Spektre, 4. Enjoy!

All photos via Pinterest

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  1. Daniel Jonsson

    at 8:13 am

    This is really amazing! Girls would probably love this to flaunt this coming summer. This thing is cute and beautiful.

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