Shoes. New brands to spy on

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I’m crazy about shoes!

And I should just stop my article here, because no other explaination would be necessary, right? Anyway, just to understand my passion for shoes I’m going you tell you a very short story. Three years ago I had my first scholarship for five months in Spain. I came with two pieces of luggage: the biggest that I could find at Samsonite, and a medium one. Well, like any other shoe-lover that medium-sized luggage was full only (and literally only) with shoes. It had around 15 kgs and it was making super happy. Then, how many of them I actually wore during that staying in Spain? This is another story …

So, in the name of this love and unexplained connection between girls and shoes, I want to show three brands that are on my radar.

Shoes and brands

Nicholas Kirkwood, the English Louboutin

They say he is the new Christian Louboutin. I like to think that it is not necessary such a comparison because from my point of view, they can both live, create and sell happily their precious products.

Below, you can see some examples of Nicholas’ creation. The collection of the elegant sandals and pumps is absolutely amazing. He still needs to extend the offer for winter shoes. But until winter comes to Europe, let’s enjoy these gorgeous shoes. See more on his website here: Nicholas Kirkwood.


two pairs of sandals from designer Nicholas Kirkwood

High heels sandals

two pair of sandals from Nicholas Kirkwood. One is red and the other one blue laser cut

Flats two pair of shoes from the designer Nicholas Kirkwood in ethnic style and casual.


High heels

sandals from nicholas kirkwood in blue and red. THey are suitable for weddings and proms


Embroidery Pumps

two pair of pumps with details for party from the brand Nicholas KIrkwoodAnkle boots

two pair of black ankle boots from high brand. This are the trends for this year.

 From Australia, meet Senso

Senso is another brand that I like. And more than once I was tempted to push the “Buy” button on their online store. But, as usually, my excuse was that I couldn’t decide which one to choose. What I love about this brand is that they use animal print and their shoes look really comfortable. Yes, they have high heels but it seems to be that high that’s perfect too look great and walk miles.

When I’ll own my own Senso, i’ll let you know if they are really comfy. Until then, let’s enjoy some of my fav ones!


four pair of flats from Senso. One it has animal print, the others in light blue.


tow pairs of shoes with high heels from Senso, the australian brand.


Ankle boots

fours pairs of ankle boots from Senso. Two in animal print and two are black boots.

Cuplé … says Hola from Spain

I have to admit that I’m mesmerized that I’m constantly discovering Spanish brands which are making amazing shoes. I wasn’t wear of this fact until starting to live here and going to other stores instead of Zara or Mango.

This is how I found out Cuplé. As you can see the small sample below, their shoes are so beautiful!Do I have to mention that they are all made of leather and so comfortable? Check their website here: Cuplé.


sandals in beige and animal print for this summer

Platforms and wedges

two pairs of shoes with platform. Elegant sandals for summer in beige, black and white

Elegant heels for parties and weddings

elegant shoes in light blue with laces and beige. they are trendy and perfect for weddings

Don’t forget to tell me which brand would you love to have!

Happy happy Joy joy!

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