Bathing suits for women with big chest

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If you are having a big chest, you are a happy girl. At least this is what everybody else thinks. But what people don’t know is how difficult is to keep everything into place; to sustain them well, to look sexy but not a goofy girl either. Maybe there are girls who already discovered the best bras to keep their “babies” in the perfect position, but I confess that I’m still searching for them. And this search is costing me money and a bit of frustration since nothing is getting closer to my perfect bra.

How to look good at the beach

I repeat myself but I have to do it. The most important element to look good no matter what is to trust in yourself! Be confident and feel no fears of anything. Once this idea is clear, we can go on with the fashion tips.

As I saw mentioning in the other article (read it here), girls with small breasts need to create visual volume and they can even play with prints, ruffles and sequins. Girls with bigger chest need to pay a lot of attention to support. Of course you can also play with different colors and maybe prints, but I would have to say the simpler, the better. The extra fabric will make you look bigger, and not lighter.

Fashion tips for girls with big chest

  1. Halter neck style. This is perfect for girls with big bust! They give shape to breast and due to the wide band they keep everything into place! Please pay attention to the cup size. It should cover the entire breast and not only the middle part.
  2. Bra-sized style. I really love this model because it will sustain everything in the right place and you’ll look super hot, right? However, if you want this type of bra, choose a bright color or an interesting (and subtle) print just to not look too much of a lingerie.
  3. Sporty inspired bras. All those sports bras will keep your bust in perfect position and you will feel amazing too knowing that everything is in perfect place. How it looks on you? Of course, absolutely amazing! See below some examples!


two girls with big breasts in bathing suit

You can find them at these links: Citrus Boreal (left) and Lemon Tide (right).

two models wearing bathing suits appropriate for big breasts

From Victoria’s Secret the Push-up Halter Top (left); Paisley Halter Top from Victoria’s Secret (right).

two ladies wearing swimwear with big chest

Vitamin A Chloe braid nathing suit (left) and Reversible Bikini in the right from Indah Midori – amazing piece, right?


two women wearing bathing suit for big chest. they are on the beach wearing sexy bras and looking beautiful.

Unforgettable Denim top (left) and Strappy top (right one), both from Victoria’s Secret.


two ladies in bathing suits very modern and beautiful.

Orange Mikoh Bordeaux Bikini top and the black one from H&M.

two models with big breasts wearing bathing suits

The above models are from Jolidon, a Romanian brand which I consider to have quality in design and in fabrics. See the blue bikini here and the wild swimming suit here. 

two models with big breasts wearing

The red bra-sized bikini is from Oysho (click here to see it) and the blue one is Heidi Klein.

two girls with big breasts wearing swimming suits. one bikini is blue and the other one is fuchsia

Tootsie Underwear in baby blue (click here to see the sales) and the Spirit Crochet in pink – click here to see the price on sales. 

Sporty-inspired style

two women wearing both bathing suits in blue. one is very trendy and the another one is with white dots from Nordstrom.

The amazing one-shoulder blue bikini is for Norma Kamali – click here to see the price and the Pretty Little Dot bathing suit can be found here.

women wearing swimming suits. they have big chest and they look great

Long line triangle top from Victoria’s Secret and the Avalon Bra Bikini from Michi find it here!

girls wearing bathing suits from Agent Provocateur

Tell me which one is your favourite? I have to admit I’m in love with the blue one from Norma Kamali 🙂

Happy happy Joy joy!

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