Summer-time is dress-time!

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Today I’m gonna tell you a little story about freedom (and dresses).

I really love to move free. I hate dresses that are too tight, shoes too high, lingerie too small and all similar because they hinder me in making all the happy, open, full of energy gestures that are so me. That’s why, I’m always avoiding all these previous elements. And from what I’ve noticed, this essential need to move shaped my style too. I don’t know if I do have a clothing style, but I know that anything I wear has to pass the “freedom” test.

Clothes that let you breath

As I like to jump, to laugh, to hug, to dance, you can easily guess that my favourite season is summer, right? And it’s not only because of the weather and holidays, but also because of the simplicity of the wardrobe. I just throw a dress on me and I’m out. No extra complications necessary.  The mental and analytic process has already took place in the store when wondering which dress to buy, which color is best and so on.

One of those little summer dresses is the one to see in these photos. I bought it just because it was something different. As usual, I choose anything that it’s a bit weird, that is out of the box of the current trends. I wasn’t thinking in making an article out of it, but every time I was wearing it everybody was telling me how cool the dress is and how great looks on me. So, one morning going out to start the day with a Spanish, yummy breakfast I decided to take photos and show it to you.

Outfit of the day

I’m wearing a simple dress, black sandals from Zara and Michael Kors black handbag. I could have chosen any shoes and even flip-flops, but I was thinking: since the dress is having such a cut that you can see a lot of my legs, why I don’t wear a middle-high  heels sandals to look even better?

Now, let’s have breakfast in Valencia and a short visit of the narrows streets! Meanwhile, check my outfit and hope you get inspired!

woman wearing a dress with a nice print. Sandals from Zara and black handbag from Michael Kors

a cup of coffee and toasted bread with tomatoes. Spanish breakfast


Spanish breakfast

If you are coming to Spain, you have to try the real Spanish breakfast. This is made by toasted bread and tomatoes sos, olive oil and salt and of course cafe con leche.  There are many Spanish people who are serving their “tostadas” without the tomatoe and only with olive oil and salt. If you don’t like tomatoes, this is another delicious version. So, please keep in mind, if you come to Spain, don’t ask for croissants. Really! It’s not the best to eat under the morning sun of Spain. ¡Que aproveche! 

young lady staying at a table wearing a summer dress and sunglasses eating breakfast.


beautiful girl with sunglasses walking around the city

woman wearing a dress with a nice print. Sandals from Zara and black handbag from Michael Kors

a lady having a Michael Kors handbag and black sandals. She has sexy legs

o fata cu ochelari de soare si geanta frumoasa imbracata chic, la moda.

o fata cu sandale negre de la Zara si o geanta de la Michael Kors.

beautiful girl with sunglasses walking around the city

If you like what you read and see, I would love to know it.

Happy happy Joy joy, Andreea

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