Holidays outfits in Italy: casual and elegant looks

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I’m on holidays and for the second time in Italy, on the Amalfi coast. I have to say I’m pretty lucky since I’m staying to a friend and I’m enjoying all this wonderful land with the instructions of a local. I have seen all the beaches that are unknown to tourists; I’ve eaten from the best restaurants and from award-winning pizzeria.

Holidays in beautiful Italy

I will tell you even more about my holiday in Italy in the next article. Now, please enjoy the photos of my first days of the arrival in Sorrento. You can see one casual outfit for going to the beach, beautiful shots from around the coast and a more elegant look when going out for dinner. What we had for dinner? Of course, pizza but not any kind of pizza, an awarded one.

Buon appetito e baci!

girl in blue shirt and white skirt. She is Italy and she is wearing a casual and chic outfit

beach of the amalfi coast in Italy

beautiful view of the beach in Sorrento, Amalfi coast in Italy

feet of a girl staying at the beach. she has her nails done with red nail polish from L'oreal

beautiful summer look of a girl at the beach wearing white skirt and blue shirt. she has a great arm candy


girl at the beach in Italy wearing great clothes. Modern Bathing suit and flip-flops-

beautiful photo of a nautical knot of a boat from Italy


beautiful place on the beach in Italy. There is a chair and flowers on the dock of a Italian restaurant

a basket with fresh bread amazing quality of photo

a glass of wine, a glass of water and italian food on a table

woman wearing red dress and black sandals. she is having many golden bracelets and she is posing on a terrace with sea view

images from the coast of amalfi in sorrento

woman wearing red dress and black sandals. she is having many golden bracelets and she is posing on a terrace with sea view


many pair of shoes in italy at a store





beautiful house-in-italy


fashion blogger eating an amazing pizza in Italy

Happy happy joy joy!

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