What colors to wear this autumn. Outfits for different styles

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I was in the airport waiting for my delayed flight to Paris (read more here) when I saw a girl that really impressed me. She was dressed very simple but the color combination just blew my mind. She was wearing loose pants in one of the most beautiful colors I’ve seen lately: a combination between fuchsia and magenta. To those pants she added a very white T-shirt. I don’t remember how the shoes were and that’s weird for me. So,  since then, I’ve been looking like crazy for fuchsia pants or shirt or anything (!). After so many hours spent on hunting the best sales, I did nothing (on my size). Today, after 3 months, I bought myself a magenta T-shirt from Bershka from the basic collection, just because it has the shade that I was really looking for.

What to wear this autumn

So, until recent almost zero success in finding my own things in a beautiful magenta/fuchsia. But wait: This week, when I entered in Zara stores, the new collection had just arrived in Valencia and guess what I saw? Obvious, there is a lot of magenta! In many pieces of clothing, in different prints and different combinations. So, once again I have the feeling that brands are following us, and in reality only a few are following the fashion.

Besides magenta, among the colors of this autumn I can name this shade of dirty yellow which some are calling it mustard, some lime, others olive. Then, there is orange. I won’t say that it’s the new black because I’m tired of hearing constantly that something/anything “…is the new black”.  This fall you can also bet on wearing shades of blue and green. 

As any other year, the basic family of white, grey and black are very cool and of course, trendy. You can find many clothes in black at Mango, H&M, French Connection and many others.

How to wear magenta, lime and orange

So to answer to the question “What to wear this autumn?”, I chose to show you outfits in the three most popular colors of this autumn: magenta, lime and orange. Why these? Not only because they are trendy, but also because they are difficult to match and mix. I’m sure you don’t have problems at mixing grey with black, right? But did you know how cool is magenta or fuchsia with grey? It’s one of my favorite color combination. Therefore, you can see below outfits for casual, business, glamorous and sporty style in the most complicated colors of the season.

girls in casual style wearing fuchsia from H&M, lime sweater from Zara and orange shirt from AsosCasual style is always easy to put together. However, to look really stylish is not that easy. As always, you can wear these colors with denim. Then, you can also rely on combinations as grey and magenta; lime and brown, or orange and black. Find the goodies here: fine knit-cardigan from H&MCrew Neck sweater, and Vila wrap orange shirt from Asos.

three women elegant in business attire wearing clothing in strong colors. Fuchsia dress from Zara, lime dress from Boden and orange blazer from Topshop.

Business style: When wearing strong colors to the office, the best way is to keep it simple. Either you choose only one piece, either you mix that strong shade with the basics: white, black and grey. As you can see two dresses: the fuchsia dress is from Zara, and the lime one is from a store that I really love Boden (however, I’ve never bought anything but I always admire their products). Orange can easily be worn with a white shirt and black skirt. This outfit is from Topshop. You can also see my own look with the orange blazer here (click here to see it).

three girls wearing glamorous outfits in the colors of this fall. First she is wearing a pink skirt from Asos, the second girl is wearing a jumpsuit from H&M, and another girl is wearing an orange dress from BaileyFor a glamorous look, you can match all these trendy colors with black: pleated midi skirt from Asos; Waning Moon orange dress from ShopBop. Magenta and orange can be easily combined with golden accessories. The lime however is more complicated. You can spice up your outfits with green shoes or even fuchsia bag.

three women dressed in a sporty style. One is wearing fuchsia sport wear from Asos. The another woman is wearing lime trench from Zara and the thrid woman is having an orange sweatshirt from H&M

Sporty style: As you can see, for a stylish sporty style you can match again with black or white and even grey. Find the looks here: 1. See by Chloe from Asos; 2. Lime trench from Zara; 3. Orange sweatshirt from H&M.

Color trend this fall: Accessories

If you don’t dare to wear these strong colors, you can always introduce subtle these trends with the help of these accessories. I’ve been looking for the best ones in the three colored selected. Hope you like them as much as I do.

accessories in fuchsia from many brands as Zara, Asos, Mango and Michael Kors

Magenta: Kangaroos Rage Animal Trainers via Asos2. Knitted hat from Zara; 3. JCrew Bikini; 4. Sox from Mango; 5. Nail polish from L’oreal; 6. Multifunction Phone Wallet from Michael Kors.

accessories in lime, yellow and mustard from many brands as Zara, Michael Kors, Nike, Asos, Topshop

Lime: 1. Olivia Burton watch from Asos;  2. Shoes from French Connection; 3. Michael Kors Handbag;  4. Scarf from Zara; 5. Vintage earrings from Topshop; 6. Super trendy this fall, knitted hat from Zara and 7. running shoes from Nike.

accessories and makeup products in orange. Products from Mango, Net-a-Porter, H&M, Burberry.

Orange: 1. Sport Bra low support from H&M; 2. Thread Wrap from Topshop; 3. Scarf from Mango; 4. Sophia Webster amazing orange shoes 5. Shopbop.com pouch which you can find it here; and 6. Orange lipstick from Burberry Make-up.

Now, I’m waiting for your opinion. Which color is your favorite this fall? And don’t forget to save the article. It will help you these months.

Happy happy Joy joy!

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