Olivia Palermo style: her recipe for good-looking casual outfits

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You’ve heard of Olivia Palermo, haven’t you? If not, trust me when I say that she is a really stylish girl. There is no outfit that I have seen her wear that I didn’t like! To be honest, I’m in love with the style of Olivia Palermo.

Learn some casual outfits basics

Recently I saw a picture of Olivia in a casual outfit. When she goes for casual, of course she’s not wearing sweatpants or XXL t-shirts. However, checking her photos all the time, I noticed an interesting pattern for very casual but chic outfits. Let me reveal it:

  • Great shoes: in general, shoes are the most important element of her looks. And most of the times, they have an interesting pattern.
  • Skinny blue jeans: sometimes ripped, but pay attention! It’s not the typical ripped jeans, they are very  lady-like. (check the photos)
  • A simple blouse: most of the times she uses white, but I’ve also seen her in grey or soft colors.
  • A blazer or coat with a twist.

Check the photos and tell me if I’m right or not?

Learn about some casual basics with Olivia Palermo

olivia palermo wearing three different looks with jeans and flats

olivia palermo wearing white blouse, ripped jeans and leopard shoes and a great fur coat

olivia palermo wearing white shirt and blue jeans. she is having her hair beautiful   olivia palermo in red sandals. she is also wearing a white shirt and ripped jeans


Save the lesson!

olivia palermo wearing blue jeans, white blouse, great shoes and a blue blazer. Photos source: Pinterest

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