Workwear Update! From low-budget to luxury outfits

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The 1st of September has just passed. For many of us this means we have to get back to work. I know it’s not easy and it will be a tough week. But let’s not complain too much and try to take all the positive energy from our summer holidays with us into our daily life.

Reinventing your office outfit

Because I haven’t been able to wash all my clothes after the summer holidays I’ve been staying in front of my closet every morning since I came back pondering over the question: “What am I going to wear today?“.

I’ve been doing a bit of research on what brands are offering new stuff this autumn in terms of workwear: from more affordable brands like H&M to medium class workwear by Boden to luxury trends by Chloé . It is nice to see how some patterns and details keep showing up from one brand to the next.

Fashion tips for the new season

So, after checking out these outfits you should to do this:

  1. From your closet, try to throw away what’s really old and dusty (I’ll have to write an entire article about this…).
  2. Get inspired and reinvent your wardrobe.
  3. Save the article and do some shopping for a serious closet update!

Low budget office attire


H&M grey suits. You can see the super prices and even more of this autumn’s collection here.

HM autumn lookbook for office wear These skirts from H&M for office are not only elegant and modern, but also sexy. They are not that bad, right? beige-minimalist-office-wear

H&M is proposing more outfits in neutrals and burgundy

Zara lookbook for this autumn: grey suit for office - leopard jacket

Zara in black, leopard and again grey suits for office. You can notice that this trend of grey for masculine inspiration suits is everywhere. More great outfits, you can find here.


Mango is proposing a lot of basics: white, black, and grey. If you want minimalist looks you have to check the entire collection.

women in elegant dresses for office from Boden. One lady is wearing a purple dress and another one in stripes.

Colorful dresses from Boden. Find the right one at this link and the left one here.

More similar here and here.

Luxury work outfits

two women dressed elegant for office in grey suits and white shirts. The clothing are from J Crew.

Outfits from J Crew; they always have polished and modern clothes.

two women in luxury clothing for office. They wear Giambatistta Vali, Stella MCartney

Trousers from Bouchra Jarrar; and left “Prince of Wales” check stretch-wool double-breasted blazer from Stella McCartney.


The white costume is made by a stretch-twill blazer from Giambattista Valli; with shoes from Gianvito Rossi. The left outfit comes from Chloé and it has a black skirt and pussy-bow chiffon blouse from Chloé.

work-wear-modern-victoria beckham

Oversized crepe vest from Victoria, Victoria Beckham; and in the left Étoile Isabel Marant.

Which one would you wear tomorrow?

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