How to look taller with a one color outfit

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Here is something that you should try these days: wear only one color from head to toe! And then, tell me what the experience was like. I’m using an imperative here because I see this happening every day: women (and men) are asking for an opinion or advice and then: they don’t do anything! That’s why I always encourage people to talk less and take more action.

Fashion tips

So today’s fashion tip is about wearing an outfit made of just one color. What’s happening is that you will create one long line of color that will actually make you look taller. You will be surprised to realise how good you look wearing only black, grey or even white! You should maybe leave the all-white look for next spring and summer, but a darker color goes perfectly will in autumn or winter. For a delicate look, you can choose lighter neutrals such as cream or ivory.

Minimalist style

As always, the idea is to keep it simple.

Yes, you may say that this one-color idea is already very simple. The problem though is that many girls just don’t respect the rules a lot. It is important not too add colorful accessories if you really want a stylish outfit. Choose the simplest one possible. You can even play with a silver or golden accessory such as belts, cuffs or necklaces.

Are you ready to give it a try?

a woman wearing black boots, black pants, black coat and a sexy hat. She looks very pretty

eva longoria and emma watson wearing only black clothes

A girl on the street looking very taller. She is wearing only black clothes

two girls on the street wearing onyl black clothes


Victoria Beckham wearing only black. She looks taller and slimmer

street style girl wearing all grey clothes and red shoes. she looks amazing

street style women wearing only grey clothes.



wearing-only-red clothes on the street. girls are looking stylish

eva longoria in all white look


girls wearing Converse in all white looks

Miroslava Duma wearing blue suit.


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  1. Miss Diva Shoes

    at 6:26 am

    Nice combination, I think black colour outfit are perfect match with the ankle boots or sandals

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