Scarves for this autumn

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I love scarves, and autumn is the perfect time of the year to combine different pieces to not only look stylish, but be warm and comfortable as well. Like you and anyone else on this planet would do, I went to stores, did some research on the Internet, compared, analysed etc… until at some point I got confused. The difference in pricing for some categories and brands is just overwhelming. Let’s see if we can shed some light on the chaos.

What’s the price point?

One scarf costs 14,99EUR, another one is 210EUR and another one is 650 EUR. Can you guess the price of each one of them?


Click here and you’ll find out if you are right or not: scarf 1, scarf 2, scarf 3.

Fashion tip: Being a neutral shade, you can wear these grayish scarves with absolutely anything. Casual, minimalist, sporty or elegant outfits are all possible. If possible, you should touch the scarf to see which material you like the most.

scarves-HM-ZARA-JCREW-fallThese scarves all have amazing colors. But can you guess which one is the cheapest, which one costs 84,30 EUR and which one is the most expensive (490 EUR)?

See the prices here: scarf 1, scarf 2scarf number 3.

Fashion tip: You can wear purple shades with almost anything. A great combination is the one with mustard, one of the trendy colors this autumn. Depending on the pattern, you can match them to more elegant or more casual outfits. For example, the beautiful floral pattern would be really perfect for a black dress with beige pumps and a beige trench! The one with purple stripes looks really good with a white blouse, blue jeans and ankle boots. Try and match them wisely!


See prices under the following links: scarf 1, scarf 2, and scarf 3.

How to wear scarves: outfits and shopping ideas


woman with a cape and scarf from Zara

a woman wearing a beautiful, big scarf from Zara

Find the colourful scarf at this link – click here.

Blogger wearing a big camel scarf.

two ladies wearing a big scarf around the neck in a very cool way.


girls wearing grey scarves for fall outfits


autumn fashion with scarf

plaid scarf and stripes blouse

The scarf from the cover photo is from Zara.

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