How to wear a polka dots skirt?

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Polka dot skirts are easy to combine with white blouses or shirts. Here are a few tips:

  • If you want to wear the skirt to the office, combine it with a white or even light grey blouse or shirt.
  • You can wear a cardigan or a blazer. The blazer is more elegant and suitable for office outfits while the cardigan makes a great combination with ankle boots or a vest.
  • When it comes to colors, you can combine the navy skirt with red, mustard, yellow and of course, white.

Polka dot skirts with tights

If the weather is asking for it, well, wear tights. I prefer the black tights with black shoes. I don’t like the skin like tights, especially those that have lycra. However, if you wear black tights, with black shoes and the navy skirt, wear a light color on top – the best choice would be white.

Polka dot skirts with bags

If you are wearing mostly dark colours, you can easily wear a black bag. If you choose to wear white or mustard, beige handbags are a good fit. A navy bag works as well, but you have to match the shade of navy.
Another good outfit proposal is to wear a navy skirt with white polka dots, a white blouse and red shoes.





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  1. mariana

    at 4:25 am

    I have a black & white polka dot skirt, its an aline type skirt, & I want to know what color would go best. I want something that we’ll make a great outfit

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