How to wear a jumpsuit at a Christmas party

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This article is based on your questions. Below you can find the question that I have been asked recently, and what I replied. Don’t forget that if you have any particular question about style, clothes and so on just leave a comment.

How to wear this jumpsuit?

The question was: “I have a sleeveless jumpsuit I bought from Ann Taylor. The top is cream and the bottom is black. I would like to get some advice on what kind of jacket to wear with this for a Christmas party.

Here is my answer: “Below you can see my suggestions on how to look amazing at that Christmas party! I have 4 proposals for you. It’s hard for me to give you the best answer, because I don’t know your age and your daily style. But I’m showing you some jackets and what’s the “ideal look” for each of them.

Fashion tips for matching this jumpsuit

how to wear a Jumpsuit

1. Leather jacket

Check this one from  Ann Taylor (click here to see it). You will look sexy and with a lot of attitude. It’s a stylish combination between the delicate jumpsuit, its beige color and the leather jacket. It also depends on the venue of the party. This one would be more appropriate for a party with friends and people you know well.

2. Tuxedo blazer

I love blazers and this one is gorgeous (click here to see it). The best part is that you can wear it all year long (with a jeans and a shirt for example). The complete outfit, together with the bi-coloured jumpsuit is very elegant and feminine, perfect for a fancy restaurant and even better for women beyond their 30.

3. Sequined jacket from Zara

Here is another possibility for your event (click here to see it). It conveys some glamour and Christmas is the best moment to wear some sparkles, isn’t it?  If you choose this, keep the shoes simple (e.g. black or beige)!.

4. Last but not least: a red blazer!

This is more of a personal choice. I love to play with a pop of color. I would definitely wear red shoes or a red blazer. It’s not only that it looks gorgeous, but it is said that it brings luck for the new year. I found this one at Zara (click here to see it).

leather jacket and jumpsuit


blazers from Zara with jumpsuit

In general, if you choose black jacket, wear red shoes or animal print shoes .

Otherwise, with only beige and black is very easy to look dull. For this color scheme, choose golden accessories! Hope these ideas will help you in looking your best on Christmas party!”

Check below for some more jumpsuits

If you also have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

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