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Now that Christmas is so close, I am sure some ideas about party outfits are more than welcome. Many times what I see at parties are pretty ladies in amazing dresses or cool outfits but… with a handbag that’s totally out of place. Either it is too old and trashy, or the color doesn’t match the rest of the outfit. What many people don’t get is that a handbag should complement the outfit, and that’s why it shouldn’t be neglected.

Fashion tips for glamour outfits

  • If the dress has a strong color, I would choose a bag with a lighter color. A purple dress for example goes well with silver clutches, a red dress with a golden or beige handbag. If you dare, you can even choose a leopard print bag.
  • If the dress has a pattern, the handbag should ideally be single-coloured. Have a look at the colours of the pattern and notice which color is the least important. Use that color for your shoes or the bag. For example, if the pattern is mainly red, partly black and only a little bit green, than go for a green clutch.
  • Don’t be afraid to match contrasting colors. A black dress for example goes well with a white clutch and grey shoes (better avoid white shoes…)

Dresses and handbags for parties

party-dresses HM and Ann Taylor and bags from Asos and Parfois


Left: black dress from H&M (click here to see it)

Right: dress from Ann Taylor (click here to see it).

The purple clutch is from Parfois (click here), a Portuguese brand and the leopard print bag is from Dune, via Asos (click here to see it)

More black dresses

And more leopard clutches here:

Dress from Anthropologie (you can find the dress here) and clutch from French Connection via Asos (see it here).

Lady wearing a beautiful backless black dress from Mango and a clutch from Michael Kors

Michael Kors clutch (see it here) and dress from Mango (it’s only 39,99 euros).


purple lace dress Michael Kors clutch

Purple lace dress (click here to see it) and right dress is from J.Mendel one shoulder and you can find it here (click here to buy it).

Starting from the top until down, the clutches are from: Lauren Merkin (click here),  Zac by Zac Posen  and Fendi (buy it here).

Below you can find a bigger selection of silver clutches! 

Party dress from Mango and match clutch from Zara

Mando dress click here and Zara clutch (click here)

Party dress from Zara and matching clutch from Zara

Zara dress (buy it here) and Zara clutch

Merry Christmas!

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