Office outfits: how to dress like a business woman.

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Hey everyone,

let’s have a look at another question from one of our readers: “What to wear to look like a business woman?  ”

I’m glad when I hear ladies saying that because I’m in love with this kind of outfit. I have some friends wearing office outfits every day and they confess that they only do it out of obligation. To be honest, I wish my employer would require us to wear a business outfit more often 🙂

So here’s the message of our reader:

“I would like to have some advice on how to dress at work. I am a person who likes going to work in a business outfit but I’d prefer it being a bit special or different in some way.

What to wear to look like a business woman?  

I like this question because she is not just referring to office attires but also to the looks that will make her look special. So here are some tips for you to look amazing in your next business outfit.

Wear a pencil skirt

It is very “executive” and bossy. But in order for you to be different, you should wear a black leather pencil skirt and a shirt in white, beige, grey or almost any other color. I would avoid a red shirt because it is a very strong combination. Check my outfit where I’m wearing a leather skirt here:


One piece of your outfit can be a strong pattern such as an animal print, ethnic style or plaid. The other one should be one single color only! See below for some photos and get inspired.

One color outfit

Imagine yourself in a white suit with a white shirt and some beige accessories (never with black shoes)! That’s a cool very cool look, isn’t it? See this one for example: See how stylish the “all black outfits” are as well.

Quality over quantity

As a general advice for business style, pay attention to the quality of your clothes. I would suggest to shop wisely: less quantity, and more quality. You better have one amazing suit that fits you perfectly, than three that are of poor quality and look a bit cheap.

You can see more business looks in my Pinterest board here:

That’s all for now. In the future, I’ll keep posting more ideas and outfits. Until then, feel free to tell me what you are thinking about these ideas.

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