Sales tips and fashion advice about bras, running shoes and more

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Hey everyone!

We all love those big red banners with huge sales announcements! But instead of going on a shopping rampage and spend our well-earned bucks on random things we should be careful and spend our money on some of the more essential things to fill up our closet.

I’m always telling you to shop smart, and sales are the best opportunity to follow this advice! Instead of filling your closet with things that you’ll forget about in a month, let’s take a look at the items that really matter. What follows is a list of sales tips, so if you plan to go shopping in the next couple of days, save this article and get prepared!

New Bra

Any woman must have at least three bras: a white, a black and a beige one. I’m not getting into details about laces, colors and “50 shades of grey” here, but stick to my smart shopping list instead. These three basic colors are the ones that you can actually wear every single day of the year, so make sure that you always have a clean and fresh version of them. You probably also noticed that the elasticity of bras is becoming weaker over time. What also happens is that the white sometimes becomes grey and the black turn into a darker brown.

Fashion advice: wear a beige bra and a beige top under a white shirt especially in formal environments such as your office.

Running shoes

Once I read an article on the topic of running that said that you should get a new pair of running shoes every three years. So if you’ve been using them for that long, you should better go running to the next store and get some new ones. Your feet really need the best possible support when doing exercises, the skin has to properly breath through the material and the sole should be really flexible.

Fashion advice: don’t buy your running shoes judging by only the brand!  Ask for the right shoes and try as many pairs as possible! And maybe you’ll end up feeling comfortable in a less popular brand, and save some money.

Prom or any party dress

Maybe it doesn’t sound that smart, but you have to trust me with this: when you realize that you just saved hundreds of euros/dollars buying your dress, you’ll be thankful. The thing is that we all have a favourite style for party dresses. For example, I’m obsessed with one-shoulder short dresses. The stronger the color, the better.

If you are planning to go to a wedding, a prom night, or any other fancy kind of party, start looking for a glamourous dress on sales. Unless you’re a Hollywood star, the trends in party dresses are not changing that much from season to season. However, if you want to be up-to-date, you can always wear the latest accessories: maybe a trendy clutch or the latest necklace. I have to confess I don’t like to waste too much money on fancy dresses for a couple of reasons: I’m very rational, I’m confident enough to feel great in any dress and I hate the idea of spending hundreds of euros on a dress that I end up wearing for only one night!

Fashion advice: even if it’s the greatest event of the year, keep cool and don’t exaggerate!  Because it tends to happen that the more we complicate our outfit, the worse we end up looking in the end. Have you ever noticed that the naturally beautiful girls are looking a bit weird at weddings because of the excessive makeup or strange hairdos? Ask some men for their opinion as well!

I would add even more items to this list, such as as pumps, an office suit or a great perfume. But I would really like to hear your opinion as well and know what you enjoy buying the most during sales!?


Thank you for reading this! If you have any suggestions, tips and questions, just let me know!

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