Office look for winter: The sweater dress

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The sweater dress is one option to not freeze and still look great to the office during winter times. You can easily wear more layers underneath for feeling even warmer. Under my Zara dress, I chose to wear a soft pink shirt from Mango. My knee high boots are from a Spanish brand and perfect for walking fast but still feeling comfortable. However, since they are made of leather, I found the outsole a bit harder, so I added comfortable soles.

Sweater dress and fashion tips

Pay attention to the size. Don’t go for your normal size before trying at least one size more. And it’s not only because of the knitted fabric but also the style (the one that I wear). The dress should fall around your curves and contour your silhouette. I have to admit that this one is not the best for my body, but finding it on sales for less than 20 euros, I said it would save some office outfits.

What to wear underneath. No matter what you’re going to choose, that should be close to your body. Don’t wear any extra large shirt, or another sweater. As you can imagine, you will look bigger than you really are. This is a disadvantage of this dress: It can easily add some “visual” extra kilos if the cut or the way we wear it are not OK.

Belt it! If you find a knitted dress but it has no shape, you can easily wear it with a belt. Now comes the “but” part. I don’t recommend the belt solution for girls that have a big waistline. It’s not looking great, believe me!

Wear a blazer. Another trick to give shape when wearing a sweater dress is to wear a blazer or cardigan. This can be a solution to give contour to your silhouette, without the risk of looking like a strangled sack.

Take a look at my office look and see shopping suggestions below.

elegant lady in a grey dress for office

elegant lady going to the office with a natural makeup

woman wearing high over the knee boots

elegant woman wearing a Zara grey dress to the office


Shopping for sweater dresses:

Do you like this style of dress? I’m curious to hear your opinion!




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    Love the look, chic and comfortable at the same time.

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