Beauty and fashion tips by our guest style advisor Emilia

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Hello, honey!

My mission is to share style tips and outfit ideas, but I have to admit that my posts are evolving around the same ideas sometimes. That’s why from now on, you will find a new stylish woman here every now and then, sharing her personal fashion and beauty tips with us. Isn’t that great?

Style Advisor Emilia

I have the pleasure to introduce you to an Emilia. I virtually met her on Instagram and after following each other for some time, I already had the feeling that I know her well. That’s why I contacted her to ask if she wants to share her “beauty and fashion rules” with us. She is Romanian, living in the UK, and “she loves coffee, candles and all things pretty” (as she describes herself on Instagram).

emilia fashion advisor

The beauty rules I go by…

I love the look of freshly manicured nails. It’s only in recent years I gave up the neutral shades in favour of reds, purples and burgundies. Chipped nails are a pet peeve of mine so I tend to change the varnish every other day for a freshly manicured nails look. I swear by a cuticle remover – I have yet to try the gels and potions on the market as I just use special scissors or the metal tool especially designed for this. A speed dry top coat is a must as it saves time and energy and means your nail varnish dries with zero marks or smudges on it. I often get asked whether I’ve got Shellac or gel manicure on but it’s all in the topcoat!

Products that I use: Flormar, Barry M or Rimmel nail polishes, Sally Hansen Speed Dry topcoat.

burgundy nails from style advisor

Beauty tips

As a longtime wearer of a full face of makeup, knowing the key products I can rely on saves me time, energy and money. Bronzer is something I again discovered quite late but I could not imagine putting make up on now without it. Granted it can be a bit tricky as you need to stay away from the shimmery ones and apply very little of it, but it instantly warms the face up and adds a nice contour to it. I tend to use it under the cheekbone, on the temples and the bridge of the nose depending on whether I want a more sun kissed look or a contoured one.

Productsthat I use: Nars Casino, Kiko Bronzing Powder or Bourjois Chocolate bronzer

Hair and skin routine

Incorporating oils into my hair and skin routine. Oils have so many benefits – they are often on the ingredient list of hair care and skincare products, but without the price tag and the standard chemicals and silicones added in. I use avocado oil to take my make up off – massage oil onto face and neck, soak a muslin cloth into warm water to remove everything, then repeat – the massage is highly beneficial for the skin and the muslin is gently exfoliating. Coconut oil is a great body moisturizer, argan and macadamia oil work wonders as hair end treatments (leave on for a good couple of hours before washing your hair as normal) or a night time moisturizer for face and neck (even for oily skin and under eye area).

natural oil for hair and skin

Accessories are not to be underestimated

You can never have too many scarves (I agree!) – a big scarf, a bold print or a brightly colored one can transform a plain monochrome outfit into a chic and polished one. I also love belts, sunglasses and leather gloves. I love dressing for the cold season precisely because of layering and accessorizing!

nails and beauty tips

It’s all about balance and comfort

 I don’t like to be too ‘made up’ and a casual touch is the easiest way to feel comfortable regardless of the occasion. It’s subjective to taste and we all know how personal taste is. But I would never be comfortable pairing up a full face of make up with big hair, high heels, skintight trousers and a revealing top. I like to balance out proportions or add a casual touch to my outfits – a long loose top with skintight jeans or hair up in a messy bun if I’m wearing a top with a bold print.”

Thank you very much Emilia.

I really hope you enjoy these tips and if you have any questions or ideas, just let us know via the comments form below!

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