Off the shoulder tops: inspiration and tips

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If you had to describe the fashion of 2015 in only one word, it would probably be: hippie. All the clothes of the Flower Power years are now experiencing a comeback: suede, blue jeans skirts, fringe and of course boho off the shoulder tops.

How to wear an off the shoulder top

Strapless bra: it may sound weird, but you are better off wearing a strapless bra rather than no bra. The problem with the invisible straps (the silicon one) is that they are actually visible. So, better buy a good strapless bra and forget about all the mess. Look for a beige one since it can be easily worn under white or black tops as well.

Balance: off the shoulder tops are fantastic for those with pear or hourglass shaped figures, as it balances out the proportions.

Summer Holidays: maxi dresses with or without straps hanging off your bare shoulders are perfect!

Accessories and hair tips for off the shoulder tops

Accessories: you have two options. Layering many thin necklaces with different sizes or wearing one big but shorter necklace.

Hair: you can adopt a total hippie look and wear your hair down messy with those tousled beach waves. During sunny days, I really prefer an unkempt ponytail and expose my tan shoulders.

Big-chest tip: if you have a big chest, avoid adding any long necklace on top of the blouse because your boobs will look really awkward. However, you can always choose off the shoulder tops with straps, especially when wearing a bra underneath.

Off the shoulder tops to the office

  • Silky dresses or structured off the shoulders tops can go well for lunch in the city.
  • If you want to adapt this trend to a more corporate kind of outfit, wear such a top with a pencil skirt or elegant trousers. Don’t forget about the high heel shoes and a professional makeup.

Outfits with off the shoulder tops

off the shoulders top and tips

boho urban chic

girl with an top off the shoulders


negin in top off shoulders

girl wearing shorts denim and top off shoulders

Shopping ideas:

girl in an off shoulder white blouse

white off the shoulder top


how to wear off the shoulders streetstyle


flare jeans and boho top

lady in a white skirt and off shoulder black top

top off shoulder skirt


Shopping ideas:

girl wearing a boho dress with off the shoulders and a hat


beautiful blogger in an off shoulders dress

plus size fashion tops

lovelypepa in a off shoulder dress


Shopping ideas:

off the shoulder dress boho chic style



song-of-style zimmermann-off-the-shoulder-dress-gold-sunglasses

miranda kerr in an off the shoulders dress

Christine in black dress


Tell me: Are you in for this trend?? 

Photos: Pinterest, Memoir Mode, Seam for a desire, CollegeVintage,


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    great article. check out our selection too for off shoulder items

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    I want to give a try to this, but had no idea that what should I do or how should I do it. Thanks for the guidance.

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    I love this information you shared with us. I am waiting for your next post. Keep it up. What a great idea! thanks. 🙂

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