About style, makeup and UGGs with Oanna

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Today I’m proud to present to you our second guest a Style Advisor: Oanna. I met her on Instagram and she caught my attention because she is Romanian, lives in Greece and was born in my hometown (Iasi, Romania). If you don’t already know her, I suggest you have a look at her wonderful blog: Oanna FashionSimbol.

About style, makeup and UGGs with Oanna

S.A.: Is there any color or combination of colors that you particularly like?

Oanna: Speaking as a person, woman, girl, blogger I have a favourite color since I was little and that is red. I would wear it together with a non-colour such as nude. Lately I really like beige, I couldn’t live without it.

oanna andreia in white pants fashion blog

S.A.: Do you have any combination of clothes that helps make you look skinnier?

I alreay told that to my blog readers: I like skinny girls, and I have a little complex. I think that one color that definitely makes you look thinner is black. I know it’s nothing new, cause we all know that black can have this effect on you. However, keep in mind: if you wear a large shirt, opt for skinny or elastic pants/jeans at the bottom. It will certainly give the impression of slimmer legs. In my case, it always works.

S.A.: Is there a makeup product that you wouldn’t leave the house without?

I wouldn’t say that I could not leave the house without it, but I’m certainly addicted to foundation. It is indispensable because it primarily protects me from all bacteria, dust, etc. And secondly, I love the matte texture when touching the face or how it looks in photos.

S.A: Do you have a style advice that you could give it to every woman regardless of her age, hair color or skin?

Because I’m a woman, and I love when I receive advice from other girls, I would say that women should be gentle, beautiful and sensitive. Take care of the woman in you, your skin, your hair and your body even if you aren’t perfect. Nobody’s perfect, learn to love yourself as you are!

S.A.:Do you have any specific advice for brunettes?

I was a brunette, and now I found that I like blondes, so I don’t know, I’m still figuring it 🙂 Because black is so strong, I never put too much makeup on my face. Avoid smokey eyes or excessive blush, because you will look as if you had been preparing for carnival (kidding). It’s too much. My advice would be: elegant and subtle makeup…

machiaj pentru brunete oanna

“Like this NOT…”

S.A.:Is there a combination of clothes that you think fits everyone?

Yes. I think that black, straight pants with a blazer are perfect for almost any situation. I consider them versatile pieces that you can wear regardless of your age, height or kilos.

S.A.:What have you learned from women’s fashion in Greece?

Let me tell you frankly, I’m not so interested in local fashion. They usually wear things that are original and of a high quality. I learned that good products deserve the price. You can enjoy them more because you won’t see them at every street corner.

S.A.: If tomorrow you had a daughter, what would be the main fashion advice that you would give her?

I would say that fashion trends come and go. But classic pieces are always trendy. With the right accessories simple, handcrafted pieces are always looking good. Likewise, I would tell her to take care of her health and body.

S.A.: Is there any piece of clothing that you almost hate?

Oh, yes. There are some! 🙂 I don’t like UGG’s (or better said, its imitations). I once had one but I now totally dislike them. Their time has passed, yet I see them every day. And those small jeans, as small as a palm-sized!

S.A.: What clothes would you never wear, not even if they’d pay for it? 

All that I mentioned above and these 15cm high-heels with a lace, as in the picture below:

pantofi oribili din dantela I hope you enjoyed our interview. If you want to keep up with Oanna’s daily outfits, follow her on Instagram: Oannandreia or Facebook: OannaFashionSimbol.

Now I’m curious to hear from you: do you have any piece of clothing that you would NEVER EVER wear? 

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