Trend alert: the scarf belt

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These days, I see more and more fashionable ladies wearing and loving it: the scarf belt. 

My scarf is a belt

In general, the scarf belt creates a very catchy look. It usually goes better with denim than any other fabric and it’s one of the cheapest items that you can find. Because of the nice little touch it adds to your outfit it’s definitely worth giving it a try this summer.

How to wear the scarf belt?

  • Choose a small scarf, and tie the end in a small knot.
  • The perfect combination comes with denim shorts or skirts. The color is not really that important: It can be blue, vintage, white or even grey.
  • Using the scarf as a belt for a dress is more risky, so pay attention to the texture and colours, and find the right position.

Why would you wear it?

  • It gives your outfit a very French style, chic attitude.
  • It makes your look unique and edgy.
  • It is very affordable. By the way, the best scarves for transforming into belts can be found in vintage stores.

Get inspired! 

Fashion blogger wearing overalls from Zara and scarf as a belt

a fashion blogger wearing blue jeans and scarf as a belt

scarf as belt casual

Olivia Palermo with a scarf belt

scarf as a belt for skirt

girl wearing a summer blue dress with a scarf as a belt

Photos sources: Coohuco,, Pinterest


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