How to wear the maxi dress: tips and outfits

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As much as I believe that anyone can wear anything, the maxi dress is one of those pieces of clothing that are a bit more difficult to handle. Here are eight tips and many outfits in order to help you get the most out of it.

10 Tips on how to wear the maxi dress

  1. No matter the style of the dress, you can’t go wrong with wedges or flats. 
  2. If you have an athletic body, you can choose strapless dresses.
  3. If you are petite, choose a single color dress, no strong patterns, and always, wear wedges!
  4. If you are tall, you can go for strong patterns, and even wear it with flip-flops (lucky you!).
  5. If you are petite, you should also look for v-neck dresses. They will elongate your body just right
  6. If you want to wear it for the office, keep your accessories minimal and definitely wear wedges or sandals
  7. For the office, look for a long shirtdress rather than one with thin straps
  8. For a more formal look, you can wear a thin blazer on top
  9. To look taller, wear a thin belt. 
  10. If you have a curvy body, avoid thin straps or any heavy embellishments on tummy area.

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One single color dress makes you look taller

green pleated-maxi-dress-and-heels

If you are petite, avoid strong patterns

two short girls wearing maxi dresses for summer

To look taller, wear a thin belt.

woman wearing a blue jersey dress with belt

Olivia Palermo wearing a long dress with a thin belt

How to wear long dresses

For petite women: V-neck and wedges

black maxi dress with sandals

Eva Longoria wearing maxi dress with wedges

How to wear Maxi-Dress-For-Women

You can’t go wrong with wedges or sandals

shirt maxi dress

maxi dress with brown sandals

blonde girl wearing stripes maxi dress and wedges

For a boho look, wear a hat and greek sandals

black long dress and hat in boho style

bright colored-maxi-dress

black long dress with sandals

how to have boho style in maxi dress

a womna wearing white long maxi dress

Vertical stripes are perfect for summer look

maxi dress and flats

Where and what to buy:

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