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Wanna know how to not run into bankruptcy during sales?

For a basic shopping list check this article. Read on for three shopping tips that you really need to respect during sales, even if it’s hard to do so.

1. Take a close look at your own closet!

Actually, you should do this before every season. It gives you an opportunity to understand exactly what you have, what you should throw away and what you are going to need in the future. After a good analysis of your own wardrobe, make a list with all the necessary items.

2. Make a list with “I need” and “I wish”

Make a shopping list with the items you really need. On a different piece of paper write down a maximum of three items that you would really like to have! Because “I need is almost never respected (from my own experience), I wish on the other hand gives you a possibility to get a couple of extra items if your budget allows.

3. Establish budget limits

Just because prices are lower during sales, you don’t have to compromise quality. That’s why you should establish a budget limit and look for high quality cloths. For the wishitems you shouldn’t be spending more than 50% of the normal price. Establish this price range at home, so you can easily resist buying too many items when at the stores!

Avoid the “New Collection” area

As a final and general advice, try to keep calm and look around at the store. Stay away from the “New Collection” area and always check twice if the items are really on sale before trying them.

Do you have some shopping tips as well? Feel free to share your advice with us!

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