Casual summer outfit when visiting Ravello

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If I had to choose just one template outfit it would be made of pants (skinny or shorts) and a loose shirt. I’m definitely not a huge fan of long dresses. That’s because I’m petite and as you already know maxi dresses for short girls are not the best idea (read here all the tips about maxi dresses).

What to wear when traveling?

Last year I visitied Ravello, a small romantic place on the Southern Italian coast. I was wearing this soft pink shirt, white denim shorts and golden flats. I had my tourist bag from Capri with me and I tried to complement my style with some golden and turquoise accessories.

Wearing pants means that you don’t have to worry about how you sit in the car, how you sit on the grass, or if you jump over something for a photo… there is literally nothing you need to worry about.

Three advantages of wearing loose shirts

  1. You can eat two plates and the dessert because nobody will notice your full tummy. It may sound irrelevant, but after a delicious lunch (especially in Italy), wearing a tight top can make you look like you’re 6 months into pregnancy 🙂
  2. It gives a very cool and modern flavour. If the flower top makes you look as a romantic hippie, a 100% cotton and male inspired shirt gives you a French allure.
  3. It’s versatile. If it suddenly windy, you are protecting yourself and still looking chic. If it’s too hot, you can make a knot.

shirt french look for summer outfit

ravelo trip to italy

view over ravelo italy

turquoise accessories for hippie summer outfit

ravelo trip italy

beauty of Amalfi coast

traveling to amalfi coast

ravelo italy visit

loos shirt for casual summer outfit

a woman wearing shite shorts and a shirt. She is a casual look

Hope you like my outfit proposal and my photos from my trip to Ravelo. If you want to see more from my last year’s holiday in Italy, read this article with outfits and info about Amalfi coast.

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