Denim shorts outfits: how to not look boring

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Shorts are one of my favourite thing to wear during summer. Denim shorts are even better. If you look around though, you will see that most girls between 15 and 18 are wearing it too. So in case you were wondering: How can you wear those cool denim shorts without looking boring? See below for one great way to wear shorts and look amazing.

Denim shorts with shirt

Wear those shorts with a boyfriend shirt! Yes, there are also boyfriend shirts, not only boyfriend jeans. These are the shirts that are not tight, but rather loose. They are elegant and following the current trends. This kind of shirt fits any body shape and you can wear them all year long, for any occasion. If you don’t have any, you should start looking for one.

The end result looks very cool, and more elegant than wearing shorts with a t-shirt or top.

Denim shorts with blazer

If you want to see more stylish looks with denim shorts, go check out this article: Style your shorts!

casual denim shorts

sincerely jules wearing black shirt casual outfits

outfit with denim short with blue shirt

lady wearing denim shorts and blue shirt

white shirt denim shorts

white shirt and denim chic trendy

trench and white shirt cool  outfit

denim shorts with a shirt

short with shirt

I’ve looked up for the best boyfriend shorts in different stores and brands, and here are some boyfriend shorts that I really like:


  1. Marta Pozzan

    at 7:21 pm

    Such a helpful blog!! Thanks for your hard work and thanks for sharing !!

  2. Michelle

    at 8:17 am

    Wow, amazing pics , i just love them all !

  3. sophie

    at 8:26 am

    Love the denim short <3

  4. velveteencockroach

    at 8:18 am

    What a great tip, I basically pair my denim shorts with ONLY boyfriend shirts these days.


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