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The more time I spend living in Spain, the better I understand the culture. This summer I learned why the casual style is so popular, no matter the age or job. In the beginning of my stay in Southern Spain, I was shocked when professors were wearing sandals or flip-flops to classes, or how students were walking around the campus in swimwear.

The truth is that when temperatures are beyond 35° Celsius, you really don’t care a lot about dressing elegant, or wearing suits and high-heels.

Combining black and white for stylish office wear

Yes, it’s hot outside! But I don’t want to be just another one in flip-flops and baggy clothes, especially at the office. One of my solutions is the black dress that I showed you last week (click here to see it). I recommend it as a way to look elegant and feel fresh.

Choose smart: the black top for office

For this outfit, you need white pants and a black top. However, pay attention to the design of the top, especially to the straps and fabric. You should choose a top made of silk or viscose or any fabric that looks elegant.

In case you want to copy the list (I encourage you to), I’m wearing this combination:

  • white pants from Zara,
  • black silk blouse (having it for ages),
  • beige sandals with golden details from Paco Herrero (Spanish brand)
  • black leather handbag with golden details from Mango.
  • watch from Festina.
  • earrings from Parfois

white pants for corporate look in summer

office looks

woman wearing white pants and black top going to the office: office wear for summer


office outfit for summer in white pants and elegant black top

If you are looking for similar black tops for office, here there are six proposals that I really like:
corporate outfits

Please inspire me! Tell me how do you handle summer office outfits? 


  1. Angelique

    at 7:46 am

    I love how you combined white and beige ! I would definitely wear a skirt in such hot but you look stunning 🙂

  2. JLu

    at 1:50 pm

    Black and white is so chic!

  3. Color Me Courtney

    at 6:02 pm

    What a chic combo, I’ve been loving white pants this season!

    XO Courtney

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