5 tips on how to wear shirts and look sexy

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I think the shirt is one of those few chameleon clothing pieces that can be worn at any age and, context or moment of the day. If you are not very familiar with wearing shirts, go ahead and read the “manual” below .

How to wear shirts and look amazing

  1. Pick the color that really suits you. Not everybody looks great in white! As always, what you have to do is try a lot of different colours and cuts. Choose exactly the color that stays great on you. If you feel good when wearing blue, than let it be so. If it’s fuchsia, go for it!
  2. Avoid those tiny, little, tight shirts! The era of tight shirts (and even t-shirts) is long ago! You’ll look way better in a loose, “boyfriend”-style shirt. Trust me! Or why don’t you give it a try? Go to a store and ask for one. Another option is to just try one your size, and one then another one with one size bigger. You’ll notice the difference.
  3. If you are tall, you could wear the shirt out of the skirts or pants. If you are small, you should tuck it in! The effects are longer legs and a taller body. For business outfits however, you should always have your shirt tuck in.
  4. If you have big breasts pay attention to the way the buttons are closing. They should fit your chest perfectly. You know when the fabric is so stretched that it looks like it’s gonna explode? Avoid these!
  5. Girls with small chests can easily leave your neckline unbuttoned. Wear a sexy, feminine (yet not porno) bra and you will look really hot! 

Read more about shirts (and see a great summer outfit) here: Color blocking outfit.

White shirt with blue jeans (and heels)

Nicole Richie awearing white shirt and red blazer

tues-leandra-white shirt and blue jeans

distressed-jeans and white shirt

NECK SHIRT olivia palermo

Shirts and skirts





shirt and Michael Kors skirt

shirt and elegant skirt office look



skirt and elegant shirt for office

 Blue shirts (are my love)blue shirt and skirt

Blue shirt and blue jeans

blue shirt and black skinnies

One color button down shirts and prints



Classic combination: White shirt and black pants white-shirts-lively blake

woman wearing white shirt and black pants


And now some examples on how not to do it…

what not to wear - old shirts

old ugly fashion

I’m pretty sure I have around 20 shirts in my closet: I think 4 are white, another 3 are light blue, 2 in light pink, 2 grey, some prints and some other colours. Do you like wearing shirts? How and where?


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  2. Deborah Hombres

    at 12:15 pm

    I believe that a nice tight shirt is very sexy. Not like the one in the pic with the red x but a well tailored, tight blouse is just too sexy! Not a tarty look but sexy. I like it and I think men like it too for every time I wear one men look at me like 50% more than normally!

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  5. jeane kortman

    at 7:57 pm

    Love it ..

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