Traveling to Malta, walking around Valletta

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Recently, I spent 4 days in Malta with a good friend from my hometown Iași, Romania. After this “girly” holiday, the one word that I would use to describe Malta is this: silence…

On the streets of Valletta

My friend and I were imagining Valletta, the capital of Malta, as a cocktail between Lisbon, Venice and Ibiza. It definitely has a unique flair, with its dusty buildings, narrow streets and wavy relief. And I really liked the colourful joinery and the original door knobs. Hearing English everywhere was very convenient as well. Another good thing is public transport: You can get on a bus for just 2 euros, no matter if you’re going to the neighbouring village or travel the entire island.

At least one time you’ll have to enjoy the tasty cappuccino in the main square of Valletta, at Caffe Cordina – one of the oldest coffee places around. I really loved having dinner at The King’s Own Band Club Bar and Restaurant where they serve great food with a lovely service and of course, some great live music. I also recommend the South Street Valletta – great food, ambience and nice people. When it comes to the local cuisine, you have to take advantage of the fresh fish, sea food and one thing that I found particularly interesting: rabbit.

More around Malta

In case you don’t know, Malta is a very small country. In only 2 hours you can go by bus from North to South, to catch one of the ferries to the surrounding islands. But more about them and more amazing photos from Malta in a future article.

Now let’s talk about my summer outfits:

Thank you for reading! 

summer outfits europe

white summer on holidays


casual outfit for travelling. girl wearing cool white dress

valletta malta

malta and valletta exploring valletta

summer outfit traveling Malta

malta beautiful door in valletta

filigree in malta

white dress for holidays to Malta

what to wear on holidays in europe

traveling to malta. houses in Valletta

public toilet in valleta, Malta

Pretty fancy – a 5 star public toilet. Pay attention to its futuristic design. 

buildings in malta valletta

traveling to malta


traveling to Malta

valletta in malta what to see

valletta in the night

valletta in the night

valletta in the night

I hope you liked this little introduction about Malta. Next week, I will publish a new article with more beautiful photos around Mdina, an old capital of Malta and of course, some new summer outfits.

How about you? Have you been to Malta? Where have you been this summer? 

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