Maternity wear: 30 outfits for stylish pregnancy

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Current brands landscape offers plenty of possibilities for pregnant ladies, and you can quite easily tailor a pregnancy outfit for the period of at least first three/four months. However, taking into consideration the specific timeframe of maternity clothing, the prices can be quite high. Read on to see which trends you should know about in order to look stylish as a future mom.

Maternity wear trends for pregnant women

  1. The oversize style is one of the most common trends being worn these days. The clothes are perfectly suited for the first couple of months of pregnancy. We can wear “normal” clothes from usual stores without being forced to buy specific (and more expensive) pregnancy wear.
  2. Another on is the highly adaptable maxi dress. The ones with a long cut are even more comfortable and easy to wear.  To add a feminine touch to this look, you can mark the belly with a belt. This optical effect will result in a longer silhouette.
  3. Another trend to watch out for are sport shoes. You can wear sneakers either with a skirt,  jeans, a shirt or a blazer. You have so many possibilities in getting creative here and feeling comfortable at the same time.

In all cases, the fabrics are also a good ally; you can always use elastic garments that adapt as the body shape starts changing.

Here are 30 outfits of pregnant ladies for your inspiration 

In the end, trust and always follow your style! Respect your body and enjoy your “new you”!

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Maternity outfits: Pants

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Sporty Maternity Looks

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