The Trench – wear it stylish!

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The trench was made to protect us from the rain, until one of the biggest British fashion brands ever, Burberry, transformed it into a style statement.

Tips on how to wear the trench

Hollywood used to be in love with the trench (see photo below). No wonder that centuries later, the trench is still a must-have in our closets. When a garment is so simple however, it gets more difficult create combinations that aren’t boring.


Marlene Dietrich

The trench is a versatile and adaptable piece for any occasion, whether casual or elegant.

As the trench is a shapeless piece, you have to mark the waist to create a more slender and feminine silhouette. This can apply to any coat or garment with a straight pattern. For a more casual effect, you can fold your sleeves. This trick is also useful when the sun is shining.

trench belt and cool look

The trench is a basic piece that goes perfectly with all kinds of accessories.

Don’t forget that many times it’s the accessories that make an outfits shine. You can play with scarves, hats or even belts.

accessories trench

Add a touch of color!

We do love the beige classic trench. It allows for many possible combinations with other items. If you want to step out of the box a little, try the basic trench in a different, stronger color.

Play with fabrics, prints and colours. 

miroslava duma in burberry-trench-coat

How to accessorise the trench

Being a classic piece, you can combine it with basic colours and it will always be a success.

Below you can find many outfits for elegant occasions, but also casual looks. 

trench colour



Elegant outfits

massimo dutti trench




senatus_in trench

Alexa Chung in a trench from burberry

elegant look with trench and amazing shoes

beige trench for elegant look


how to wear trench and leather pants

hilda-lee- in trench

J. Crew Trench

Wearing a trench in casual outfits

casual jean trench

Street-Style-Street-Style- this fall

Rihanna's trench coat?



trench-stripes this fall


how to wear trench

how to wear trench and look great

cool trench

trench and jeans


how to wear sneakers this autumn

mango suede trench

men women trench

The trench is a classic outerwear must-have for the outdoors.

Photos source: Pinterest

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