Exploring the Silent City Mdina on Malta

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Have you ever wondered what Malta is like? Are you even planning to go there?

If you want to visit this small country and you are excited about history as well, there is a place that you shouldn’t miss at all! And believe me: it’s not the beaches, nor the capital Valletta, but an old historical place called Mdina.

fashion blogger traveling to Mdina, Malta

Mdina, the Silent City

There was an energy and atmosphere about this place that was hard to express in words. A small, medieval, quiet village with rocky buildings, a beautiful, colourful joineries and a very soft light. The buildings were quite tall for a village like that, and the streets really narrow which made it appear like a place from an old fairytale.  Of course there were no cars, no traffic and almost no stress at all.

Mdina used to be the Capital of Malta, which is why you can now see settlements from around 4000 BC. You not only breath history, it feels like you can breath how this place has changed over time.

If you want to have lunch or enjoy the view with a coffee, there are several restaurants to choose from. We had a delicious lunch with an extraordinary view at Palazzo de Piro. Some of the photos below were taken at that palace. The stairs were too beautiful to not capture them in some photos.

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Aerial Mdina Malta

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Malta old city

Malta and fashion


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Mdina, Malta

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photos from Malta, holiday in Mdina


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building in Mdina

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Special thanks to my friend Catalina who did a great job at taking photos of our trip.


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