Office Wear for Autumn

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I love skinny pants, but I also love making changes. I’m certainly not going back to flared pants entirely but after so many years of wearing skinny it was time for a break somehow..

office style in slacks and black shirt

Looking Bossy: Green Straight Pants

When wearing this style of pants, there are some details you have to keep in mind:

1. Wearing heels. No matter if you are tall or petite, the pants will look better with heels. For petite women, these slacks will give you a few more inches, and a thinner silhouette.

2. Perfect length. Pay extra attention when buying them, because you may end up having to retouch the pants because they’re too long. Adjust the length when wearing high heels. You don’t want the shoe to be seen while wearing these longish pants. They should not graze the floor, which is why they should end 2 or 3 cms above, ideally.

3. Balance it with accessories in the upper part. Adding a necklace or a scarf can help create a more relaxed look.

Office Wear Outfit:

  • Dark green pants from Zara (even more beautiful in reality than in the photos)
  • Black shirt from H&M – buy it here.
  • Black shoes from Massimo Dutti – buy them here.
  • Crocodile bag from Mango
  • Belt and pearls (from H&M)

Hope you like the outfit!

No Photoshop was used in processing these photos. So, please apologise my eye bags and no-perfect-white teeth. I am just like you … perfect with my imperfections. 

green long slacks for looking professional

what to wear to office and look like a boos

work wear professional look

long slacks and black shirt for office

straight pants to the office for any body shape

Shopping Suggestions

Thank you. If you have any clothing item that you find it hard to combine with, just leave us a comment!

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