How to Transition the Summer Dress to Fall

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Autumn is the perfect time to mix and match different styles. You can wear all your summer cloths with ankle boots and blazers, cardigans, or sweaters. By adding a hat or a scarf you can effortlessly adapt your outfit to the new season.

The Black Dress To Office

During the first few months of autumn, I didn’t have time (nor was I in the mood) for any shopping so I relied on my favourite outfits from June to August. I have to admit that living in this part of Spain, the temperature difference is usually not more than 5° Celsius. But in the morning and late afternoon it can get a bit chilly, which is perfect for a blazer or cardigan. 

black dress and blazer autumn office wear

Transition to Fall Outfit

As you can see I’m wearing my black summer dress (from Mango) that I was wearing in this article. The changes I made were quite simple:

  • I added an elegant kimono with a graphic pattern (from Sfera). When I went to Germany recently all stores seemed to be full of this type of pattern.
  • I switched from red sandals (click here to see them) to the more appropriate Fall shoes (Zara).
  • I added a more simple necklace to avoid clashing with the pattern of the blazer.

You can wear this outfit inside the office, but if temperatures are rising, just take it off. Thanks to the shoes, you will still look elegant and appropriate for the season.

how to look professional

blazer to the office

black elegant shoes office

transition to Fall outfit

transition outfit to fall  and red nails

work wear black dress

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  1. Clara

    at 8:08 am

    I simply love your outfit. It is the perfect combination for the office or a dinner out. It looks stylish & elegant at the same time. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! ? BTW. I’d love to hear more about ‘mix & match’.

    • Style Advisor

      at 9:35 am

      Dear Clara,
      Thank you very much for your kind words! I will come back with more “mix & match” outfits soon.
      Hugs, Andreea

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