Wear To Work – The Red Coat

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If you follow my articles you may know that I don’t like to exaggerate with spending money on shopping but rather shop smart. However, every once in a while I also mention the importance of cleaning up your closet and fill it up with fresh new stuff.

It is not necessarily about the clothing item itself, it’s about the cut or even the colour that make a difference and define whether something is modern or trendy. 

woman wearing an elegant shirt wearing to work

Office Basics

Let’s start with the white shirt. The button down shirt from 2000 is not the same as the white shirt made in 2010 and not close to the one being sold these days. The size and the angles of the collar are different. The sleeves have also been changed in shape and size.

The way shirts are designed to fit your body is also different. The minimalist style and the androgyne tendencies can now be considered quite cool and stylish, whereas for the same reasons you somehow notice that it’s not modern enough when you wear an old white button-down and look at yourself in the mirror.

Keep your work wear up-to-date

The same happens to many other clothing items as well. Only in the last two years trousers have been re-designed a couple of times . And blazers that are trendy right now are a bit longer with structured shoulders.

Check out my outfit and see the shopping list below! Hope you like it! 

a woman wearing a red coat in her office

woman wearing a white button down in office look

woman wearing an elegant white button down to office

basics for office wear

elegant outfit for office

elegant woman wearing a red coat

red elegant coat

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Shopping list

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