Victoria Beckham Style – Outfits and Tips

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Victoria Beckham is one of those women that I would love to meet and have a coffee with. I admire her for both, her professional career and her personal life. I admire her way to adapt to changes and to follow her passion for fashion. I also find her attention to details impressive, and it shines through in all her outfits and collections.


Style tips you can steal from Victoria Beckham

Victoria’s style can be easily identified and described as being elegant-minimalist. 

  1. Pencil skirts. For many years, Victoria’s favourite clothing piece was the pencil skirt. It goes perfect with her formal and elegant style.
  2. Midi-length. The business style outfits that Victoria is wearing mostly have one piece in common: the midi skirt or dress. If you want to wear midi length skirts and you are petite don’t forget to go for heels!


victoria beckham style

victoria beckham in a black midi dress

midi skirt by victoria beckham

victoria-beckham beige midi skirt

victoria bekcham in an orange dress


Victoria Beckham wearing a grey midi pencil skirt

Victoria Beckham in grey skirt


victoria-beckham with white shirt

long black dress by victoria beckham

victoria beckham wearing a leopard skirt

victoria beckham wearing a midi skirt

victoria-beckham all white in paris

victoria Beckham in a midi-dress

Style Elements of Victoria Beckham

3. Wide trousers. Even when skinnies were at their peak moment in fashion, she relied on wide trousers.  She was also one of the first people in public to wear culottes.

4. No prints. The minimalist style of Victoria is so clear that it’s hard to find her wearing prints. Most of the time, you will see her with a maximum of two colors. You can see that in the photos below. The way she wear outfits is mainly all-black, all-white, all-grey or even all-white.

victoria beckham in white shirt and black pants


victoria beckham in white blouse and blue trousers

victoria beckham in red pants and black coat

victoria-beckham-celeb-style copy

victoria and cullotes

business style

buiness style by victoria beckham

victoria and david beckham in black suit

victoria-beckham wearing a  pink suit


Coats à la Victoria Beckham

5. Long coats. Another style feature that you could borrow from VB is the long coat. She has been wearing long, wool coats for years now. It is hard for me to imagine her without a long trench or coat. As always, she is keeping the outfit simple, wearing a maximum of three colours. 

victoria beckham in all black

Victoria-Beckham-Woo Long Coat

Victoria Beckham out and about in London

victoria-beckham in a long coat

long wool coat by victoria beckham

black coat for autumn

victoria personal style

victoria beckham style

long beige vest


beige long wool coat

Shopping List

Some of my favourite pieces of the current VB collection:

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