Sweater and skirt outfit: a minimalist autumn look

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Oh, yes! Sweater season has arrived in Spain. From now I can enjoy mixing pieces and create cool autumn outfits. One of my favourite combination for autumn in the last couple of years has been the sweater-skirt outfit.

Read on for some tips on looking chic when choosing this combo.
grey sweater and silky  pink skirt


How to Style a Sweater to Office

1. For a successfulsweater and skirt combination, the fabrics are very important. Both pieces should be simple, ideally avoiding any prints or strong colours.

2. Choose classic color schemes. Pink and grey is one of my favourite combinations, but beige and blue is also a very good mix, one that can look formal as well. Almost every two-colour combinations that includes beige, grey or black is also a great choice.

Different choices for different body shapes

3. If you are tall, you can easily wear midi skirts (please do so!). I really love them, but since I’m rather petite, they are not helping me to look stylish. However, if you are petite and have a small waistline, choose a nice pair of heels and go for an outfit that includes a midi skirt and a sweater.

4. If you have a rectangular body shape, or if you just want to put on a more feminine outfit, add a belt on top of that sweater. This unexpected element will add a touch of chic, create a thinner waistline and a more elegant look in general.

5.  The proportions are also important. If you go for a pencil skirt, than choose a high-necked knit in an oversized fit. If the skirt respects an A-line cut–which is perfect for an hourglass body shape–then choose a simple turtleneck sweater, such as the one that I wear in these photos.

brunette having a medium haircut

Grey sweater and medium haircut

I took the photos of this outfit some weeks ago. When I put on the sweater, I left my hair inside and it looked like a fake bob. I decided taking all the photos like this. My friends loved the way I was looking in that moment and their reaction gave me the confidence to do what I wanted to do for a long time: cutting my hair. Only 2 days later, I actually did!

Can’t wait to go back to the studio to shoot some new outfits with the new cut. I hope you like this look. As always, I would like to remind you that I’m not using Photoshop (or any other photo app) to edit my face or body.

sweater and skirt combination for office

pink skirt for fall and pink pumps from Zara

medium haircut or fake bob

business outfit for fall with a grey sweater and a pink summer skirt

girl wearing a grey sweater and skirt for fall



woman wearing a pair of grey elegant earrings

Sweater and skirt combination

  • Grey sweater from Zara;
  • Pink skirt from Bershka (last summer)
  • Soft pink shoes from Zara
  • Earrings from Parfois
  • Watch from Festina 

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