Let Go Of The Emotional Style. Reinvent Yourself

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Lately, I have been receiving plenty of emails from women that are complaining about their style and asking for advice on how to update their closet and outfits. I’ve been thinking about how I can help these ladies and realised one important thing that stands in the way of great outfits.

How to reinvent your work outfits

I love clothes. And as I was saying in this article, I love using my outfits to put myself into different roles. However, this can lead to a dilemma as well, the “Emotional Closet“. This phenomenon occurs when we start attaching emotions, memories and part of our personality to our clothes. And it happens to all of us!

I still have an elegant dress that I wore the day of my exam and interview for applying to my doctoral studies. This happened in 2009. Whenever I see that dress, memories of my hometown and the success I had when wearing it overcome me, and that’s why it’s staying there in my closet. Of course, I haven’t been wearing it for the last four years. 🙂

Let go of the emotional style

And if it were only that one dress! The problem begins when we have an entire closet of emotions, memories and feelings. This emotional bond to our clothes doesn’t let us clean up our closet and move on. That’s why many ladies dress poorly sometimes and what makes them look dusty and oldish.

modern accessories for office

How to revamp your closet

The past is gone, and the future is only in your imagination. If those pieces of fabric did a good job in the past, let them stay there, in the past. Seriously: let them go!

You are not the same person as you were five years ago. So, why should you wear clothes, fabrics and emotions of that old version of yourself? Adapt your closet to the new self and the present moment. Use those clothes to show the world who you are today.

Living in the present doesn’t only refer to your thoughts. The objects around you are part of your life as well, and they should not distract you from the present moment by reminding you of the past. It may sound superficial, but a simpler and cleaner closet will help you declutter your life, save you time, help you dress better and feel more present.

Action plan for cleaning your emotional closet

  1. Identify all clothes that are older than 3 years.
  2. In a first step, give away half of them. Immediately! With zero hesitation, throw away all those that have stains or defeats and the white clothes that are having a yellowish or greyish shade.
  3. Try out the remaining half of the clothes. Choose only those which still fit your body today!
  4. From those who are looking good on you today (not those that used to at high school or college), feel free to add them back to your closet.
  5. After two months, see if you have been wearing any of them. You didn’t, right?
  6. If you didn’t wear them, give them away. H&M, for example, provides a 5 EUR discount for each bag of used clothes.

If you read this, and you don’t take action, nobody else will do it for you! I hope these thoughts are helping you to create a better life.

All Black Outfit With Happy Dots

Today I’m proposing this all black outfit. And great news: You can get the blouse directly from our store, the brand new Style Advisor Shop. Look how elegant this blouse is, and don’t miss these special details: it’s longer on the back side, has a cool zipper on the back, and those cute bows. It’s perfect for ladies with a small chest because the wrinkles in the front will help you visually boost it.

I would love to find out if you like this office outfit and today’s thoughts about the emotional closet.

elegant outfit with a black vest

lady wearing a black pencil skirt and black coat

office wear

black blouse with dots for office

let go of your emotional closet and reinvent you

black pencil skirt to the office

minimalist accessories

elegant office handbag

what to wear to office

work wear for professional ladies

What I’m wearing:

I hope these thoughts are helping you to create a better life. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me. Have you ever felt an emotional bond to clothes? How did you deal with it?

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