Workwear in Velvet

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I’m always saying: Before buying them, you better adapt fashion trends to your body, life and personality. And the older I get, the more I realise that the most popular “trends” are more suitable for younger generations and not for myself. I notice that fashion magazines (which are paying an important role in popularising items) have a younger audience, and me being 30 I have to really scan the “must-haves”. See below how to smartly adapt one of the most elegant trends.

Velvet Blazer to the Office

If you follow me, you know that Velvet is one of the hottest fabric of this season. Read the entire article here: Velvet – Fabric of The Moment.  Take a look of today’s outfit and see how you can wear a must-have in perfect harmony with your age, job and personality.

woman wearing an elegant office outfit to the office

A velvet skirt could have been a bit childish, a velvet dress maybe too romantic, (my) velvet shoes are too edgy for office, but the velvet blazer is perfect to wear it anywhere: from office to a party, and even for a walk in the park. The one that I wear is from Stradivarius and there are even 2 more shades: green and black. I didn’t want black because it’s too “normal”, and I found that that green it was perfect for blondes. That’s why I chose this beautiful shade of cognac.

Modern Workwear

Previously, I had already worn the blazer with a white romantic blouse for a dinner out, but to you I’m showing how to wear it to the office. The easiest way to play safe with an unexpected clothing item is to mix it with classic pieces. What’s more classic than white shirt and black pants?

To finish my look, I chose these black-white shoes with a cow-pattern inspiration because I wanted to keep my personal stamp: I love shoes. In the same time, mixing classic clothing items with edgy, or modern shoes is a great trick to do for looking sophisticated.

Thank you for reading and hope you like this outfit.

I would love to hear from you: How do you adapt trends to your professional looks? 

lady wearing an elegant outfit
a woman wearing a velvet blazer and black pants

woman wearing an elegant outfit for office to her workplace

black pants and black sweater to office

business style

minimalist office style

business style

elegant accessories for women

workwear business styleOutfit of the Day:

I’m wearing: Velvet Blazer from Stradivarius (see it here), Black sweater from Zara (see it here), white silk down-button from Mango, Pants from Stradivarius, Shoes from Paco Herrero, Bag Guy Laroche, Sunnies Zara (my photographer’s sunglasses).

Thank you very much for reading our work.

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