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weekend outfit for women


blue jeans for weekend-cool
Last weekend I went for a short trip to my home country, Romania. I was euphoric to see my family, friends and my beloved hometown, Iasi. I was impressed by all the projects that are going on there and how everything is growing. Because of the winter holidays (we were celebrating Saint Nicholas), the traffic was incredible, and it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I have to admit that I forgot what it’s like to stay in the car for minutes just to cross the traffic lights, and how many busy (and stressed out) people are trying to pass before you.

Valencia Life

Living in Valencia (and especially in the old city) made me forget about all these things such as traffic jams, angry drivers, and stress in general. Whenever I’m traveling, I always realise what a great life quality this city provides. I’m always saying this to my friends: “It’s so easy to live a great life here!

Many friends who are residing in London, Berlin or Bucharest, are amazed by this lifestyle. For example, my boyfriend and I can reach each one’s office within 10 minutes walking. Yes, walking! No cars, no stress to look for a parking lot, and no money spent on gasoline. The sound of our daily life is the noise of people talking on streets, the cutlery of the restaurants and the music from guitar or violin players in the streets.

The weather is friendly most of the year. These days, you can easily stay on a terrace and eat outside (in December!). Of course, there are some moments when I also prefer to escape from Valencia. In July, for instance, it’s harder to breath, and you feel like you need to have a shower every 10 minutes. In August, it is the same but since almost everybody is on holidays, we tend always to be out of the city. In January, the temperatures are dropping, though, and it gets cold. Because of the humidity, zero degrees Celsius in Valencia feels a bit like the North Pole.

Life in Valencia is beautiful. If you are a freelancer or working from home and you want to live somewhere, I can highly recommend this city.

Stylish Casual Look

Before leaving to Romania, we took advantage of a sunny Saturday, and we took photos of this casual look. During weekends, it’s hard not to find me in jeans. I am a huge fan of jeans, whichever color or style. However, lately, I found myself choosing the crop ones or the cigarette style because I love the way they make my legs look longer.

My advice for stylish weekend outfits for women over 30: don’t go out too sporty! Mix sporty elements with elegant ones. For example, wear sneakers with blazers, ballerinas with a sweatshirt and jeans, sneakers with a comfy dress, blue jeans with boots and a sweater, etc. But avoid being too baggy or sporty. Sneakers + leggings + sweatshirt are only good for the gym!

Have a great day everyone! 

blue jeans for casual attirre


bag from guy laroche

black and jeans for a casual weekend look

black long vest and jeans from Zara

weekend look

relaxed casual outfitOutfit of the day: vest, jeans and blouse from Zara, boots from Bershka, and bag from Guy Laroche.

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