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Dear you,

I hope you are having a great day 🙂 I’m not feeling very good because of some serious family issues so I’m trying to keep myself busy… one day I’ll tell you more about the events of these days. And, whenever I feel like this, a bit down, without energy or sad, I usually go for one of the several things: 1) cleaning the house/closet, 2) watch a (romantic) comedy, 3) go for a walk/coffee with a friend, 4) go through my favourite blogs while listen to music.

A pair & a spare …

I’m not reading blogs on a daily basis but when I do, I like to catch up with all articles that I’ve missed. One of the blogs that I like is A pair & a spare. The blogger behind it is Geneva and I really enjoy her style of writing and of course, the photos.

geneva a pair and a spare

Why I enjoy reading it

DIY Projects. Since I’m passionate of creating clothes and playing with fabrics, her blog offers me great inspiration due to the DIY projects. I find her really creative in revamping old clothing or transforming men shirts into the best summer off the shoulders dresses.

Personal Style. I always admire the persons who are reaching in having what’s called a recognisable personal style. Geneva’s stamp pieces create an affordable casual and minimalist style but always with a feminine touch. I love the way she is putting together white shirts, basic tees, jeans, and black dresses (check out the photos below).

Creativity. I constantly come back to her blog because  I know I’ll find something new and useful. From a very cool DIY idea, to some travel guides, new deco inspiration or food recipes, I’m sure I’ll find something to enjoy. And of course, everything is wrapped in beautiful and bright photos.

Your favourite blogs

For my future melancholic mood, I would like to discover more creative persons, like Geneva. So, tell me, who are your favourite bloggers? Have you seen A pair & A spare before? If not, please let me know what do you think about it…

a pair and a spare outfit

diy cool necklace

 diy off the shoulders dress

geneva in all denim outfit

bathingsuit in black and white

diy projects

diy skirt

All photos from the blog a pair & a spare.

So, who are your favourite bloggers? 

Happy happy Joy joy, Andreea 

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