Velvet – The Fabric Of The Moment

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Whenever we talk about clothing, we love to highlight the importance of fabrics and textiles, and how they can change an outfit. In this article, we will focus on one of the strongest trends this season, the velvet.

From Royalty to Street Style

This fabric has accompanied us for many years. We have dedicated movies and songs like Blue Velvet to itFor the gourmands, there is red velvet cake. If we look back, we realise that wearing velvet used to be part of royalty clothing, and it still is. The Italian Velvet was one of the most luxurious fabrics in medieval times. That is why it became synonym with elegance and status.
Today, velvet is considered one of the most complex tissues to produce, but it’s still much appreciated by renowned haute couture designers.

How to Wear Velvet Clothing

Let us introduce some tips on how to adapt this trend to your daily outfits.

1) Seek out a single piece of velvet such as a very striking and long dress. It’s the perfect element to make an outfit stand out for occasions such as weddings.


2) It’s the perfect textile for Christmas time, in colours like dark green, indigo blue and burgundy.

You’ll be the perfect guest at any dinner company.


3) Black always adds a bit of elegance. Try combining a total black look with a black velvet blazer.

It will look much more sophisticated.

velvet suit elegant

4) Go edgy with bright colours like yellow or fuchsia for an original Street style.


6) How about combining two of the strongest trends this winter, ankle boots and velvet. As a result, you’ll get the velvet boots.

zara grey boots

7) Velvet garments that are not too tight make you look more elegant.


Accessories and Velvet

8) If you enjoy this trend, try adding some accessories to the mix. That’ll usually make you look even more fashionable.

black velvet dress street style

More Outfits

woman wearing a green velvet blazer

woman wearing a casual outfit with a velvet blazer

velvet suit for office


jumpstuit velvet

velvet dress 2

velvet dress for christmas

dress with velvet touch

velvet for the night out

velvet pants 2



 Velvet shoes – one of the biggest trend this season


burgundy velvet boots


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