Christmas Outfits For Smart Ladies

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Am I the only one waking up on the 22nd of December realising that Christmas is just two days away? Well, as my friend John Lennon sings “I hope I’m not the only one“.  That’s why I’m sharing my ideas for a great last-minute outfit. Here’s your essential guide to looking stylish on Christmas. Get ready to take notes!

How To Look Gorgeous on Christmas

1. Sequins & Sequins

Winter holidays are the perfect time to shine bright like a diamond! For more feminine ladies, you could easily wear a midi skirt with a down-button shirt and a sequin blazer, or a even a sequin dress. And if your style is a more sophisticated one, there is nothing more chic than a sequin blazer with blue jeans. Oh, yeah! So, don’t be afraid to mix and match casual or sporty clothes with shiny pieces as well.


If you are looking for gorgeous sequin pieces, click here:


2. Big & Impressive jewellery

Wear the fanciest accessories you have. Depending on your location and type of event, adding a big, luxurious necklace or huge earrings and some bracelets will turn you into a diva! Don’t be afraid to wear them on top of a sweater if you are in the mountains, or over a simple black dress if you have an elegant dinner in a restaurant.

accessories for christmas looks

Accessories that I love:


3. Black or Strong Colours

If you don’t choose the all-black look, then go for the hottest red dress and coolest blue that you can see in your closet! There is no way to look bad in a sexy red dress! If you are blonde you can try red or fuchsia. And you know that you are going to look fabulous in photos too!

coloured gowns for christmas

Shop some marvelous dresses:

4. Precious Fabrics

It’s the moment of the year to wear precious fabrics without feeling opulent. Lace, silk or satin are perfect for festive and sophisticated looks as seen in Vogue! Again, don’t be afraid to look elegant and different. Don’t be shy! Embrace femininity and elegance to max!

Christmas outfits

Christmas Outfits

Ok, now put your notes down and get inspired by a series of unique outfits. I’m sure that after this article, you will pull off a great Christmas look without even having to do some last-minute x-mas shopping.

malene birger black sequin top

Love this look! Click here for details – Sequin Top!

Christmas outfits for ladies
tom ford sequins dress

sequins for christmas party in style
sequins blazer for party

velvet for elegant outfits

sequin skirt with sweater

elegant and party outfits

Shop these dresses: Red Silk Dress, Sequin Elegant Dress; White Shirt + Sequin Pencil Skirt; Sequin blazer; Mini Red dress.

necklace for elegant outfit

how to wear sequins for christmas


Thank you for reading us and happy winter holidays! 

I would love to hear your own tips!! 

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