Happy International Women’s Day

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It’s 8th March and in many countries today is Women’s Day. That’s why I would like to wish you a happy and joyful spring to all women! And I was wondering how do you spend this day in your country!? It would be wonderful to find out.

Women’s Day around me

For example, in Romania, the country where I was born and raised, this day is a 100% celebration. Men are offering flowers to all important women in their lives. For example, my brother was offering flowers for his wife, for our mother, our sister and me. Even as an assistant professor, I was receiving flowers from my students and men colleagues. Actually, today, at 7.30 A.M. my father was already sending me photos of flowers on WhatsApp.

In Spain, there is no “flower-offering” tradition, at least not in my entourage, but it’s a good opportunity to organise a girls’ brunch or dinner. From this point of view, I’m always missing my home-country and its traditions and celebrations.

How do you spend this day?

So, how about you? How do you celebrate 8th March in your culture, country?

Happy happy joy joy International Women’s Day! ?

P.S.: This is the bouquet that my boyfriend offered me today. He had to … otherwise he knew I would have been nostalgic all day long. 

beautiful flower bouquet

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