High-Class Spring Inspiration

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When people hear “living a simple or minimalist life” automatically think of hippie people, not smelling so well, with over-used clothes and sleeping in tents. However, this is not what I understand for a simple life and it’s definitely not my (life)style. I’m going towards a more simple life (read here more), but with a beautiful and elegant closet 🙂  More about this in the future. For now, I want to share with you my favourite outfits from the 2016 spring collections of the big fashion houses.

I love to check out collections of high-class brands and get inspired by the mix and matching or just enjoy the beauty of their work. Today I’m showing my favourite outfits from Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Versace, Stella McCartney and Givenchy.

Wear to Work froom Michael Kors

My notes from the MK collection:

– great color combinations: 1) light blue, dark blue and the eternal white shirt and 2) grey, camel and white.

rounded collar of the eternal white button-down shirt.

the floral print of the coat is so beautiful … it’s a real pleasure looking at.

– how to wear sequins pants: with a total formal, office like, combination.

sleeves obsession: I hope you’ve noticed the wide sleeves of the shirts, but the short ones of the beige coat. Love this sleeves-game.

michael kors spring outfits

Michael Kors spring collection

Versace Pure White

Versace and these killer white suits. This type of pants are definitely my favourite for office, no matter the trends or my weight. I think they look good on everybody. As always, the trick is to choose the right type of blouse or shirt so you can balance the outfit and adapt to the body-shape.

versace white suit

Stella McCartney

Love these sweet colours from Stella McCartney. I also have to mention the reinvented polo sweater and the fabric looks so interesting! I would love to touch it. As it happens in the last years, Zara will manage to offer low-quality copies of these outfits in just some weeks time. Sorry Stella!

stella mccartney

pastels from 2016



Love the scarf inspired top! It comes so unexpected in these masculine flare outfits.  Hope you’ve noticed the white vest and the no-shoulders black jacket. These kind of details amaze move me  …

spring inspiration for women

Carolina Herrera Spring Touch

For some years now, I’m obsessed with white. Maybe it’s due to the Spanish summer, when you are really melting under the hot sun. The above outfit took my breath away …

wear to work outfit by Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera respects feminine lines and romantic dresses. The first one is a beautiful combination between the masculine attitude of the fabric, tweed, and the design which is so romantic, and ultra-feminine. The second one impressed me with the mix of fabrics and the girlish ruffled.

carolina herrrera spring collection

Besides these delicious colours, I was speechless by the feminine and sensual cuts (again). Have you notices the fabric of the soft pink dress? That’s quality!

elegant gowns carolina herrera


Don’t shop just because it’s cheap or…new and trendy! Get inspired but think twice before buying things! Read more about how to rediscover your closet here!

I would love to know your opinion: What is your favourite outfit?

Photos source: Vogue.com

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