Office Outfits for Spring

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Dear all,

We all know how difficult changes are. Some are having a more open attitude towards change, some are totally hating it. But, I like to think there is at least one change that makes all of us happier: Spring time. All the changes that this new season bring are so sweet: Warmer days, more light, more time for outdoors, more energy, and everything greener, reborn.

Despite all these beautiful changes of the nature, there is one question that bothered me lately:  What should I wear today? I want to feel that it’s (almost) spring. I really want to leave my winter coat home, but I don’t want to feel cold. So, here is what I did.

Styling for Spring

– Indeed, I left my winter coat, and instead, I wore one of my (too many) blazers.

– To not be cold, I’m wearing one of my blanket scarves. Blazer and big scarf is a very cool combo, trust me!

– Even if I’m not a fan, I still wear stocking socks with my shoes.

– I started to wear my skirts with sweaters and black stockings.

– I’m totally into office layering: (top) + down button shirt + cardigan* or sweater + blazer.

*I stopped wearing cardigans for a long time. I don’t know why I find that they give me an oldish touch to my looks. Don’t hate me, please! I’m just saying so maybe it helps you somehow. I have one that I’m trying to include in my daily outfits, and I do that because it’s has navy and white stripes and great fabric.

What to wear to Work this Spring

So, in case you are facing the same “problem”, I put together some inspiration for your spring daily work outfits. 

grey sweater for office

giorgia tordini in black skirt

work wear looks

alma clooney in office wear

elegant lady wearing beautiful outfit for office

corporate lady in all black outfit for office


office look



minimalist and classic

black and white in two workwear




All photos source: Pinterest.

I would love to know how you’re keeping up with the spring arrival!

What’s your favourite outfit these days? 

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