Casual Outfits for a Stylish Spring

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Dear all,

Last week, during my Easter break, I visited my family and friends in Romania. In case you don’t know me: I’m Romanian, born in Iasi and for the the last 3 years (and 5 months) I’ve been living in Valencia, Spain.

The Romanian (bad) Style

I’m aware that each culture has its own taste when it comes to fashion, style and in general, aesthetics. However, I could not avoid but noticing how a big number of ladies are dressed in Romania. Starting with the airport in Bucharest and continuing with my hometown, I sadly noticed a lot of bad taste. Yes, I know, bad taste can be found everywhere…but still, the Romanian bad taste comes from a desire to look (too) sexy and provocative. That’s why, many women are dressed as they were porn actresses. Besides the short skirts, very tight-fitting dresses, transparent blouses, showing their boobs, too high heels, they are also wearing a lot of makeup and teased hair.

I feel horrible to say it, but unfortunately, I’m not the only one mentioning it. Even men, Romanians or foreigners, are also commenting it. And you can’t imagine how beautiful these women are! They are gorgeous, natural beauties! So, they really don’t need any of these exaggerations!

Of course, not everybody is bad dressed. There are also many elegant ladies that are wearing beautiful, appropriate outfits …

Casual Outfits for Spring

Therefore, I was thinking it would be useful to all of us, to share some inspiration for casual outfits. Outfits that make you look stylish and feel comfortable. I’ve chosen outfits suitable for spring and all different body shapes. 

Your clothes have a voice

Conclusion: your clothes speak for yourself. So, for all those women who are getting dressed with the aim to seduce guys (all of them on the street): Continue to do so … but at the end of day, don’t complain that men are assholes and relationships are superficials. You are only getting what you give! Before criticising men (for choosing you), think what your outfit is saying about you…

Enjoy these relaxed yet cool outfits!  

casual leather skirt

casual for spring: over the knee boots and skirt

layers for spring

plus size wearing stripes and cool jeans

plus size girl in a casual outfit

More on how to wear shirts and look sexy see these tips!spring outfit with denim jacket and sneakers

casual in white dress and sneakers

ripped jeans and blazer

How to I wear ripped jeans in my free time, see Out of Office Look.

how to look great in jeans

leather skirt and sneakers

all black casual look

casual outfit in white chinos and stripes

leather skirt outfit

off shoulders blouse

white jeans casual

how to look stylish in spring

blogger wearing Valentino flats,  jeans and beige blazer

jeans and white shirt

all black outfit


Take a look at other articles to discover how you can dress to look feminine and stylish!

And I would really like to know your opinion: How could we help these ladies to understand that showing less is more? 

Photos source: Pinterest & Tumblr. 


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