What to Wear to Work in Summer

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Hello dear friends,

Long time no articles…. for those who were waiting new inspiration from me, I’m sorry that I’ve made you wait so long. I had to take a break from this blog because I was dedicating  too much time to it. It was already “stealing” time that I could have invested in different activities that right now they indeed became my priorities.

Anyway, I’m still thinking of Style Advisor and what approach to follow in the future if any… I’m still very surprised whenever I check Google Analytics and the number of visitors didn’t drop at all! I’m happy that people find the website’s content useful and interesting. Thinking that this blog may have helped people with ideas, inspiration or even improving their style it makes me really, really happy. In the end, this is the purpose – to help the others; to offer something good to this world.

Office Wear for Summer

Coming back to office wear, I think there is no more difficult time of year to dress for office than summer! For many different reasons such as:

– outside is really hot, inside is cold because of the AC;

– you want to feel comfortable but you have to look business style or at least elegant too.

– You want to wear white or silk button-down shirts but (sorry my expression) it’s pain in the ass to wear camisoles during summer …

– questioning about the tops with or without fine straps; is the bra easy to be seen or not etc …

So, here I am to give you some mini-help 🙂 I am sharing with you outfits summer and office appropriate that I’ve been collecting throw Pinterest or Instagram:

  • All white outfits

white dress for office

all white to work

elegant all white outfit

  • Coloured Midi Skirts

Leandra wearing white shirt for summer office

button down shirt for modern look

  • Mixing neutrals

elegant woman going to office

office wear for summer

beige pants for office

beige skirt for office

how to wear a midi skirt

beige top and pencil skirt for office

  • Timeless Black & WhiteSwedish blogger wearing white and midi skirt

elegant work wear

street-style-wear to work

white and black for summer look

french stylist wearing silk white shirt and black pants

woman wearing leather pencil skirt

midi skirt chanel for office

blue shirt and midi skirt to work

More Summer Looks

Have a look to my outfits from the last summer: Black & White for Office; How to dress professionally and still look young; and Office Outfits for Summer.

Please inspire me: What is your favourite office outfits for summer?

Thank you for reading me and hope to see you again around here!


  1. kaye Bullock

    at 2:15 am

    Hi Andreea, are you still on vacation? You are absolutely right about the difficulty of finding work appropriate clothes for summer. It’s even worse when you live in the Caribbean and this is your dilemma 365 days. I walk to work (15 mins away) and when I arrive, I’m hot. But the office is very cold! So I wear sleeveless tops to walk and wear a cardigan or jacket once there. Unfortunately, I have entered peri menopause so now there is the problem of hot flahes : (
    My boss has spoken to me about covering up my arms. The compromise is wearing tops with little/cap sleeves. The material must be breathable so no silks, georgette etc. It is challenging to find something comfortable, dressy and fashionable.
    Sorry for going on about work woes. There really are more important things to worry about than work wear!

    • Style Advisor

      at 2:56 pm

      Hello Kaye,

      Yes, I’m still on holidays until September- the perks of being a professor. 🙂

      Oh, yes! I totally understand you… you have a pretty complicated situation. Yes, want I’m doing when I want to cover my shoulders (especially when the sun is too hot) I’m wearing on top of my top, a down-button shirt letting it open and preferably made of 100% cotton. It looks cool and it makes me feel cool. But of course, at the office, it’s another story 🙂

      In summer, more than ever, I think it’s really important to wear natural fabrics, as cotton, linen or even wool, and stay away from polyester – which can also smell really bad.

      Hope the outfits inspired you and thanks for sharing your worries! I really like to discover your story and the difficulties of your daily life :*
      Hugs, Andreea

  2. Angel

    at 1:08 am

    The 3rd outfit in all white with the gold statement necklace, who is that designed by or is it just a trending celebrity picture? Your lookbooks are very inspiring and solve my problem of stylish but professional workwear 🙂

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