Outfits for Fall

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Even in Valencia (Spain), the city where the sun is always shining, these last days of August were clearly whispering that Fall is coming. After long days of heat and humidity, the sound of clouds and soft rain was so appreciated! I love when I hear the rain outside the window or when I have to cover myself with a blanket because it’s kind of fresh in the house (thanks God for stoping the AC for a while – thinking of the energy bill, of course).  And as for style, I just love these days when I can wear shorts with sweaters or even a blazer (a very old favourite one) or my shirt-dresses.

What to wear in the beginning of Fall

Therefore, I have been looking throw my photos that I have been savings for years (yep) and I chose for this article some of the outfits that I like and I consider that many ladies no matter age or body shape could wear one or another. As I was mentioning, for my personal style, I always choose to keep wearing the shorts from the summer but introducing slowly some soft, thin sweaters, like those at  11,99 € from Zara 🙂 (I know, not so eco but I’m trying). For my consciousness I also have a 99,00 € one from COS that I already hope it would last longer! Btw, COS is part of H&M company, and again not so eco but still… step by step.

Possible combinations for Fall

Coming back to you, all ladies! If you had been wearing long dresses in the summer, you can add a sweater or blazer and even ankle boots and keep wearing them! It is also a combination for romantic ladies with a pleasure for a vintage inspired look, as you can see in the photo below from Christine (Viewfrom5ft2 Blog). If you want to stay away of “vintage” touch, add a leather jacket.

If you are addicted to trousers, you can continue wearing them! So easy right? 😀 However, instead of the sleeveless top, you can go for a button down shirt, or a sweater. If your pants are skinny type, you can choose the longer sweater as in the photos below. For wide pants, please wear a shorter version, one that stops around where the pockets of the pants start, or a fitted jacket (check the photos below).

I had also added some proposals for sporty ladies. Your Converse can keep walking in the autumn too! You can mix them with summer dress + denim jacket, or jeans + elegant blazer or even dress and hoodie. Sorry, I can’t help it: Love to combine elegant with sporty, or classic with modern.

The best combination for fall

However, no matter what you are wearing on the outside, please adjust and constantly update your inside! Fall can come with many nostalgic thoughts, with added fear for a new academic year, or maybe with the fear of continuing something we don’t enjoy (relationship, job, diet etc), with the regret that “another summer is over“, or with the anger that you didn’t do in this summer what we were dreaming of in the beginning of the year. Yes, naturally can be like this, but this fall choose to change the perspective! Change the lenses! Choose instead to see that you are here, now! And you can enjoy a new autumn, yuhuuu!! Again you can breath the ripe fruits, the clean cities after the rain and you can see the transformation of trees, flowers  and all together of the parks and forests! You can breath a fresher air and you can still feel the tan on your skin! Choose to see everyday as a new opportunity to do all these things! Choose to laugh about the summer memories, keep them close to your heart and be glad you had the chance to live yet another one! Choose to see the positive side of anything (I know it’s not always easy!) but it’s so rewarding. Choose to smile more and choose to forgive and forget … every day! It adds up!

Hope you will find the energy inside of you to live more present each moment of this Fall!

And yes, below you can see some outfits that I was taking about in the beginning of the article!

Love you, Andreea

wear to work looks

wear to office in fall

nice looks for fall

fashion 2016


outfits for fall

fall outfit with summer skirt

white pants and sweater for fall

minimalist look for fall

chic look skirt and sweater for fall

wide pant and blazer for fall

sporty look for this autumn with converse

autumn look with jeans and blazer

walking in autumn forest

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1, 2: Camm; 4, 5: Notyourstandard, 6, 7, 8: http://www.viewfrom5ft2.com, 10 – Dulceida, 12-15 Pinterest, 16 – Miss Treinta and the last photo it’s me in Japan, Kanagawa – I think it fits the theme 🙂

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