The White Shirt: The Classic Piece of Any Modern Woman

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Hello World,

Very long time no presence around here… well, I’ve been very busy with my family but I have to admit constant thinking about this project called Style Advisor. If not about the project, thinking of style, closets and how we have so much, wear so little and still not feeling right.

These days I was contemplating at my too-many shirts in my closets and I thought I would share with you outfits that include this beloved item. You realise you have “Too-many shirts” when it’s time to iron them and put them each one on its hanger … well, that’s difficult when there are more than 20. This number includes also the blue ones (another love of mine) and colours or patterns.

Therefore, above you can check out some outfits on how to wear the white shirt. This timeless item that I’m so obsessed with. This item that looks good on anybody, no matter the age, profession or body figure. If you have doubts about how to wear it, take a look at this article where I offer tips about it as you can easily notice:  5 Tips on how to wear shirts and look sexy

Hope you like the above selection of the outfits! As a final advice, besides looking for that fit that suits you, choose organic cotton if possible and if it’s a sustainable brand, well, even better. You can search for wise and eco brands on this website:  easy to filter for exactly what you need.


Swedish blogger wearing white and midi skirt

white shirt and black shoes

how to wear casual white shirt

white shirt casual look chanel

white shirt style pinterest

white shirt style pinterest

how to wear white pants with white shirt

white shirt black sandals

son de flor romantic white shirt

Sustainable Brand: Son de Flor

All photos source: Pinterest.      Thank you for being here!

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